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Archive - Oct 11, 2012


Wines for The Fall: What to Drink While the Leaves Are Changing

The Wine Guys

Making Obamacare Happen in DC: Key Steps Ahead

The Numbers

Health care reform is not a new thing for the District. For more than a decade, our city has been in the forefront of innovative health care policies. The city provides health insurance to a broad range of families with children, and it created the DC Healthcare Alliance to offer locally funded health care coverage for our low-income neighbors who don’t qualify for programs such as Medicaid.

Is Anacostia the Next H Street?

The Man from Anacostia

Is Anacostia the next H Street? I have heard the reference to H Street a couple of times and it makes me ask the question, What is the vision for the greater Anacostia community? What does the future hold?  There are a lot of opinions but no consensus.

In Memory: Thom Burns

Born July 26th 1945 - Died Aug. 24th 2012

Thom Burns was a trueCapitol Hill aficionado. Arriving ontheHill in the mid-1970s, hebegan a25-year career in real estate. A diminuative man andfastidious dresser, Burns wasknown for his trademarkbow tie.

Most mornings, Burns could be found having breakfast and chatting with Cindy at Jimmy T’s. In evenings, one might encounter him atMr. Henry’s, his regular watering hole; or tooling about the Hill in his Jaguar. Friends remember Burns for his wry sense of humor infused with a Southern gentility, and hisintelligent bon mots.

DC Streetcar Looks East

The DC streetcar still has about a year before it is up and running along H Street, but the streetcar team is starting to look into the feasibility of expansion across the river. Eventually, DC will have a city-wide system, and the next stops could be across the river along Benning Road.

The Red-Tailed Hawk

Spotted on the Hill

Now that it is fall, Capitol Hill denizens can look forward to seeing the annual raptor invasion when hawks take up residency for the next several months. You may see them gliding and soaring in the air or perched in trees and on the large buildings of the Capitol complex and Smithsonian Institute.

The Densification of Waterfront Metro

South by West

The Densification of Waterfront Metro

Demolition of Skyland Begins

About Time, Say Residents. Not So Fast, Say Others.

Ron and Cherise Cole and their two daughters live on Ft. Baker Drive in Ward 7’s Hillcrest neighborhood. The Coles moved into their contemporary home in 2006 after pumping more than $50,000 in underpinnings to ensure it would not slide into a ravine that sits behind it. The ravine runs between them and the Skyland Shopping Center, an18-acre site at the intersections of Alabama Avenue and Good Hope and Naylor roads SE.