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Archive - Oct 30, 2012


In The Case of Vincent Orange, Silence Would Be Golden

The Nose

Dear Friends, there used to be a few things that The Nose could depend on in DC politics. Ubiquitous yard signs littering medians. Pointless political debates in which candidates discoursed at great length on whatever topic intrigued them, ignoring moderators while lulling audiences into premature senility. And, of course, one could always depend on Vincent “I'm The Best” Orange for unabashed, unashamed, unending self-promotion.

Sandy Aftermath

Downed Trees Being Cleared

The worst seems to be over Sandy seems to have largely spared Ward 6. While the Federal Government, DC Public Schools and the DC Government remain closed, most businesses are resuming operations. Frager's Hardware, The Eastern Market, the supermarkets, CVS and mainy of the area's restaurants have reopened.  Area coffee shops are packed. Metro is likely to resume some service by this afternoon.

Commissioner Ivan Frisberg reports downed trees on: