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Archive - Oct 2012


October 11th

The Red-Tailed Hawk

Spotted on the Hill

Now that it is fall, Capitol Hill denizens can look forward to seeing the annual raptor invasion when hawks take up residency for the next several months. You may see them gliding and soaring in the air or perched in trees and on the large buildings of the Capitol complex and Smithsonian Institute.

The Densification of Waterfront Metro

South by West

The Densification of Waterfront Metro

Demolition of Skyland Begins

About Time, Say Residents. Not So Fast, Say Others.

Ron and Cherise Cole and their two daughters live on Ft. Baker Drive in Ward 7’s Hillcrest neighborhood. The Coles moved into their contemporary home in 2006 after pumping more than $50,000 in underpinnings to ensure it would not slide into a ravine that sits behind it. The ravine runs between them and the Skyland Shopping Center, an18-acre site at the intersections of Alabama Avenue and Good Hope and Naylor roads SE.

Park 7 Update

Better Late Than Never

After years of financial and community issues, construction for Park 7 is finally underway.

The Misfortunes of New Jersey Avenue

The Tumultuous Life of a Capitol Hill Road

When the federal government moved to its new city in 1800, little was ready for the incoming politicians. In spite of the care Peter L'Enfant had taken in drawing up its map, the reality looked more like a random accretion of buildings scattered willy-nilly across the landscape.

Except for one road: New Jersey Avenue, in particular the stretch from the Capitol down to the Eastern Branch, as the Anacostia River was called at the time.

Half a Century of the Dream

Capitol Hill Residents Plan Commemoration of 1963 March on Washington

Live Well DC

An Initiative to Make DC the Country’s Healthiest City

Move More. Eat Healthy. Don’t Smoke. Love Responsibly. Reduce Stress. See Your Doctor. Wash Your Hands. Be Prepared. Make Peace. Read More. These 10 healthy living tips are the tenets of the District’s Live Well DC initiative sponsored by the DC Department of Health. The city wants to educate and increase public awareness of the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices. Live Well DC encourages those who live, work and play in the District to live longer, more productive lives.

The Literary Hill

Our Unquiet Neighbors

Do you believe in ghosts? Ask Tim Krepp and he’ll likely demur that he “maintain[s] a studious neutrality on the topic.” But the leader of ghost tours of Capitol Hill confesses to an enjoyment of “delving into tales of ghostly lore.” Happily for those similarly inclined – and who doesn’t love a good ghost story? – he shares a wealth of these tales in his new book, “Capitol Hill Haunts.”