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Archive - Oct 2012


October 11th

Unleashing the Monster Within

“Jekyll and Hyde” Spins an Epic Battle with Evil

“Now is your chance to leave.” The staticky voice, emanating from a grainy video image, opens Synetic’s “Jekyll and Hyde” with an ominous and edgy warning. Be assured, murder and mayhem are in store, and the level of depravity in this production’s Mr. Hyde is difficult to describe.

The Jazz Project

Live •••

Nik Bartsch's Ronin, ECM

This is a double-album of the last live recordings of Ronin with guitarist Bjorn Meyer performed in Germany, Austria, Holland, England and Japan. Featured musicians include Nik Bartsch (piano), Sha (bass and contrabass clarinets, alto saxophone), Bjorn Meyer (bass), Kaspar Rast (drums), Andi Pupato (percussion), and Thomy Jordi (bass).

Indicum •••
Bobo Stenson Trio, ECM

A Labor of Love 13th Street Community Garden and Park

The Hill Gardener

The new community garden and park at the corner of 13th and C Streets, SE is one of Capitol Hill’s most promising garden success stories. The corner park is stunningly landscaped and has become an oasis for people in the neighborhood to enjoy on many different levels.  If you haven’t had a chance to sit under the shady pergola and listen to the sound of the water fountain or bees buzzing nearby, then you need to drop by and zen out for a little while. 

Asian on H

One Night, Three restaurants, and an Unbelievable Piece of Pie

H Street’s proud rebirth as the epicenter of DC’s hipster culture has been borne on the backs of pub fare establishments like Granville Moore’s, Argonaut and BIergarten House. While the cuisine has grown more diverse, Asian on H calls to mind cashiers behind bulletproof glass and lo mein fried up alongside cheesesteaks. However, a year after Erik Bruner-Yang’s successful opening of Toki Underground, just half a block up from Sticky Rice, it seemed time for a second look.

October 10th

Eclectic Enclave

Garden Spot

The homes of Capitol Hill, in fact the overall feel of the Hill, are largely due to the varied mix of styles. From block to block, and in many cases home to home on individual blocks, there is a diverse mix of architecture that is wonderfully diverse.

Dear Garden Problem Lady

Hi, I read with interest your August column about removing dahlias from the ground over winter. I guess this the case but I haven't found it to be true of mine. I bought my house on I Street SE in the spring of 2008. That summer a small dahlia came up and I was treated to three or four flowers. Sections broke off easily in periodic storms. I have left it in the ground every year since then and to my untrained eye it has flourished. 

Early Music Festival

Recreating the Real Golden Oldies

If you’ve ever sat through a music performance in an ancient church or castle in Europe, you know the power of acoustics in recreating the sounds of a particular period in history.

It seems only logical that a festival showcasing early European music should find its home on Capitol Hill. A number of late-19th-century churches on the Hill provide a nearly perfect, pre-amp, pre-electronic acoustic for performing music from an era that began in the 1100s and continued until 1750.

Talking About Faith And The Wizards

E on DC