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Archive - Oct 2012


October 10th

October 4th

How to Succeed in Politics Without Really Trying.

The Nose

Politics is not a very difficult game, in the Nose's sage opinion. Raise a little money. Schmooze a few voters and donors. Kiss a couple of babies. Grease a few palms on election day. Pet the odd cute dog, and you’re in like Flynn.

Being the scion of a distinguished Democratic operator, of course, does not dim one's prospects.

October 2nd

Have Brown's Ethical Problems Sunk Him?

The District Beat

At a press conference outside the Wilson Building in early September, Councilmember Michael Brown (I-At Large) laid down a challenge to his opponents in the November 6 race. "Now it's time to talk about issues,” he said. “For folks that have been playing around in the sandbox, it's time to step up and grow up. I look forward to talking about issues that matter in the District of Columbia that residents really care about.”