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Archive - Nov 8, 2012


Eastern Market Announces New Outdoor Venue

Barry Margeson, manager of the historic Eastern Market, announced plans last night at the monthly meeting of the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee to expand the Market's operations across 7th St. SE to the concrete slab that once supported the temporary East Hall. This new venue will house Christmas tree sales and holiday festivities.

"I am very excited about this new venue. I think it will give us more room for tree sales and other festive events," said Barry Margeson.

What A Long, Strange Race It's Been!

The Nose

Michael A. Brown was born with the proverbial silver spoon firmly wedged in his mouth. Charismatic, tall, dark and handsome, scion of a Clinton BFF, Brown is a native Washingtonian, favorite son of vote-rich Ward 4. What better combination could one offer to the District electorate?

This brings us, Dear Readers, to the subject of Brown's recent defeat. The Nose has learned four lessons from this fiasco:

  1. You don't get elected unless you campaign.

  2. You can't campaign effectively without money.