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Archive - Dec 10, 2012

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Crime Alert: Stop Walking Around Talking on Your Cell Phones!

Alert Your Kids Who Are the Most Likely to be Victimized.

Monday night (Dec. 10), a post on the Newhilleast Listserv reported that a woman jogging around Lincoln Park in the early evening was the victim of a mugging. A man came up from behind her and snatched her phone from her hand and then ran off down 11th St SE.

Suna Arrives on The Hill

Dining Notes

The Southeast Library Celebrates its 90th Year

A Capitol Hill Grand Dame

On December 8, 1922, hundreds of people came to the corner of 7th and D SE to celebrate a milestone in Capitol Hill history--the opening of a new branch library. Only the second branch to be opened by the DC library system, it was the first to be opened as part of a new, central, push to expand the library into the neighborhoods.

A Farewell or My Swan Song

Spotted on the Hill

All things must pass.  Back in March 0f 2006, I wrote a modest article for the Hill Rag. It consisted of a photograph of a Northern Mockingbird I had taken on Capitol Hill and a long paragraph about it.  In that paragraph I included a bit of its natural history, i.e. a description,  distribution range but also the fact that it was the official state bird for Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas and gained cultural prominence from  the 1960 Southern Gothic novel by Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Planning for Transit on M Street

South by West

Ray Bowers

Eastern Market’s “Cheese Man” Departs

Ray Bowers, owner of the Bowers Fancy Dairy Products, a five-decade mainstay at the historic Eastern Market, died in his sleep on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at the age of 78. Bowers, known to many at the Eastern Market as “the Cheese Man,” owned and operated the business he inherited from his father, Harris Rockford Bowers, who bought the shop in 1964. Bowers successfully marketed his business by offering to one and all samples of a wide variety of cheeses,virtually ensuring a purchase.

Helen Wade Carey

A Real Estate Doyenne

Helen Wade Carey, long time real estate pioneer on Capitol Hill, died on November 14, 2012 at her home in Alexandria after a long illness. Carey, a doyenne to a generation of young real estate professionals, was a real estate broker, property manager, and landlord as well as among the first to begin to renovate houses in the mid-sixties on the Hill, opening the door to the area as a must live-in community.

Red Palace to Close January 2013

H Street Life

The mercury has dropped recently, and that means we might all need a little added incentive to get out of the house.  That incentive comes to you in the imminent closing of an H Street NE corridor staple, and in new offerings at Union Market.

Red Palace to Close January 2013