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Archive - Aug 3, 2012


The Numbers

Warren Buffett Is Right!

It’s hard to deny that the super-rich sometimes get to live by a different set of rules than the rest of us, like the celebrities who get all sorts of fancy stuff for free just for showing up somewhere.

DC may soon have its own case in point of preferential treatment for the well-heeled. Legislation before the DC Council would allow some very wealthy DC residents to pay a lower income tax rate than the typical working DC family, mostly because some high-income residents said they didn’t want to pay DC’s normal tax rates.

The District Beat

The Gray Area

In September 2010, Vince Gray defeated Adrian Fenty in the Democratic primary.

Wait, did he?

That’s not the sort of question any voter should have to ask themselves close to two years after the election. But that’s exactly where we are today, as further revelations in the ever-evolving scandal surrounding Gray's 2010 campaign have suddenly cast doubt upon the most basic element of democracy: did the winner actually win? It’s no longer a black and white issue—we’ve entered a gray area.

ANC 6D Report

Remaking a Southwest Landmark

ANC 6C Report

Small House, Major Problems

ANC 6B Report

Uneasiness over the future of the Eastern Market was palpable at the ANC 6B July meeting. The meeting was sandwiched in between Zoning Commission hearings on the Hine School development, which is key to determining the fate of the outdoor weekend market. Commissioners and neighbors were seeking a solution to the lingering question of market governance.

Eight commissioners were present, with commissioners Flahaven and Oldenburg absent.

ANC 6A Report

Bikeshare Stations Could Have Ads