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Archive - Sep 2012


September 7th

Skyland Town Center Update

Combining Exercises for Fun and Intense Workouts

We have become a world where multi-tasking is expected. We are more comfortable doing several things at once and we measure success on the proficiency of our juggling skills. It’s no wonder that our workouts are reflecting the intensity, variety and efficiency we demand in the other areas of our lives.

Rev Yoga, Biker Barre, Zumba, The Blend, Piloxing, Crossfit, Cardio Kickboxing, the Ball Bike – these are just a sample of classes and fitness equipment that is setting a current trend in fitness – doing more creative, more focused and more varied workouts.

The Process of Elimination

The H Street Vet

Zoning Commission to Rule on Hine Development

The Zoning Commission will meet on Monday evening 10 September to rule on the Stanton-EastBanc's application to change the zoning of the Hine site. The parcel is currently zoned R4. Stanton-EastBanc is asking the Commission to rezone the parcel to C2B. Hine is the only item on the agenda.

Theater Review: The Red Hot Patriot

Yes, She Can Say That: At Arena, Molly Ivins’ Wit Lives On

Molly Ivins was a hoot. For anyone with a sense of humor and love of irony—and for die-hard liberals in particular—her commentary was perhaps the only bright spot in the ill-fated presidency of George W. Bush, a man Ivins dubbed “Shrub.”

September 5th

How Parker Points should Be Interpreted

The Wine Guys

In the last half century, as wine journalism has grown and expanded, there has been a significant shift in the manner in which individual wines are discussed and reviewed. While much of this shift has correctly focused on making wine and the industry more accessible, it can, at times, steer enthusiasts away from their most important guide -- their own palette.

Water, Water, Everywhere!

Water can create damage to a home from everywhere, not the least of which is a leaky roof. But how about chimneys where the mortar has turned almost to dust? And old windows where you can poke your finger through the outside wood frame? Sound familiar? It’s a very common problem on the 100+ year old homes in Capitol Hill.  And if not corrected, creates wet and sleepless nights for homeowners, major expenses to repair both exterior and interior damage and mold and mildew.

Water needs to drain and often will find its way into the home from:

The Union (Market) Will Rise Again

An Historic Food Center Reborn in Northeast

Buying a house this past winter, our real estate agent asked for must-haves. My husband Jason listed a first-floor half-bath, the row house equivalent of Charlie’s golden ticket. I listed food. Living on the Hill, I had discovered the joy of easy access to exceptional, local food, and buying it from people who know your name. We both compromised.