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Archive - Sep 2012


September 5th

Mayor Gray and DC Council: Welfare-to-Work Efforts Need Your Full Support to Succeed

The Numbers

Getting DC residents back to work is critical as our city continues to rebound from the recession. Overall, unemployment in the city is on a downward trend, but it still remains higher than before the recession started. And for certain groups of DC residents—such as single parents and low-wage workers— unemployment remains extraordinarily high. More than one out of five single parents want work but can’t get a job, and that’s true for nearly one out of six residents whose last job was a low-wage one.

Spotted on the Hill

The Song Sparrow

Amidon-Bowen Opens New Doors

South by West

While children were enjoying their summer break, crews worked seven days a week to complete a $5 million renovation at Amidon-Bowen Elementary School, the only elementary school in Southwest. Gone are the red walls and window air conditioning units. In their place is a more modern-looking school for a neighborhood that is rapidly changing.

Options PCS Opens Annex

Neighbors Question Charter Board Planning, Engagement

Options Public Charter Schools moved its annex – housed on P Street NW for several years – to a new facility at 702 15th St. NE for this school year. The main campus remains at 1375 E St. NE, where it has operated for 12 years. The annex move, which took many neighbors and elected officials by surprise, raises questions about Public Charter School Board (PCSB) policies and how those policies are implemented.

The Literary Hill

Diana’s Noodles

The Jazz Project

Tomorrow •••|
Aleks Girshevich Trio
Producer David Arend

Atlas on H Street Hosts More Jazz for 2012-13

Brad Linde, Sam Sweet and a varied group of entertainers are looking forward to the second series of Jazz at the Atlas this month at the Atlas Performing Art Center on H Street, with the first concert September 26 featuring innovative saxophonist and composer Steve Coleman.

Linde, curator for the jazz series, Sweet, executive director of the arts center, and many in the community believe the jazz series will help continue the arts center’s emergence as a hub for the arts and one of the catalysts for the continued revitalization of the H Street Northeast corridor.

Caring for Your Trees Without Cutting Them Down

People say some interesting and contradictory things about trees: they don’t need any care; just like trees in the forest; they will grow to a certain height, then stop; they live forever; and they are going to fall on my house. In other words, they are immortal, invincible, AND deadly. Can all this be true? These questions came into sharp focus when the July 29 derecho came through town causing tremendous damage to and from trees.