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Archive - Sep 2012


September 5th

Artful Houses are for the Birds: Really!

The Hill Gardener

The use of bird houses in public and private gardens seems to be a growing  garden trend and wandering around the Capitol Hill neighborhood there are a variety of bird houses swinging from the trees.  Are these birdhouses really functional or are they there just for decoration?  What does it take to attract the birds to your house?

Gordon Ritchie’s Artful Houses

H Street Life

August is often said to be the sleepiest month in the District, but September bring renewed life. It also brings neighborhood festivals. I’ve heard the first whispers of what’s planned for this year’s H Street Festival, and it is not to be missed.

H Street Festival

Garden Spot

Annual Great Garden Round Up: Top Five Best Gardens in 2012

2012 will go down in the books as being one of the hottest years in Washington’s history. March ushered in 90-degree temperatures that baked daffodils and fried tulips to a crunchy brown. In June the heat wrecked havoc on the flowers of lilies and dahlias causing sunburn and fading. Last month was oppressively hot and a return to more summer-like temperatures. You know you have gone through the summer heat juggernaut when the weather forecasts announcing temperatures in the upper eighties is cause for rejoicing.

Dear Garden Lady

May I offer readers something I learned the hard way: plant Nasturtium seeds in September! For years I have planted Nasturtiums in May and June, but they never thrived. Last year, thinking it likely that our summer heat does them in, I planted Nasturtiums in September. By mid October I had healthy, blooming Nasturtiums in their vivid oranges, yellows and crimson lasting all fall.

Thanks for the tip. Nasturtiums have big seeds that sprout and grow quickly. The flowers are tasty, too.

Touching third and heading home

E on DC



Scandal Management 101

The District Beat

It’s September, and Mayor Vince Gray is still mayor.

While in any normal context that might not seem like that surprising an accomplishment, it was only two months ago that two indictments and extensive revelations of a $653,000 shadow campaign in 2010 put his tenure on the thinnest of ice. Rumors abounded of a possible resignation, and even Gray’s staunchest supporters seemed on the verge of fleeing: according to a Washington Post poll, if the election were held again today, former Mayor Adrian Fenty would trounce Gray by a two-to-one margin.

Welcome DCYOP’s New Executive Director!

Joshua Simonds was selected as the new executive director of the DC Youth Orchestra (DCYOP) by its Board in May, and he uprooted his family from downtown Chicago for the opportunity. Simonds is planning to implement changes in this long-standing, successful program – not any key changes, but fine tuning here and there.

Capitol Hill, Meet Joshua Simonds