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Archive - 2012

November 5th

Active Isolated Stretching

Exercise that Can Increase Strength and Flexibility, Eliminate Pain and Improve Overall Health

Jeffrey Haggquist was a massage therapist who had an injured shoulder from years of playing sports. It was uncomfortable, and as the years progressed, his ability to lift his arm deteriorated. Dr. Haggquist thought the pain and immobility was permanent until he met Aaron Mattes and discovered Active Isolated Stretching (AIS).

A Deep Dive into DC Revenue Analysis: Crystal Balls, Fiscal Cliffs and Other Metaphors

The Numbers

In this month’s column, we’re going to talk about why the District has unexpected deficits or surpluses sometimes—such as the $140 million in bonus money announced at the end of September—and how we can best use our resources given this volatility.

Deflating Bloat Prevention, recognition and treatment of gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) in your dog

There are certain emergencies you come to anticipate when working in the ER; however none of them get a veterinary staff to jump to attention more quickly than when the word “bloat” is mentioned. Every member of the triage team understands that when it comes to bloat or the more scientific name – Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) - time is of the essence and cutting a half an hour off of initial treatment of that patient may be the difference of life or death.

Something Different for Thanksgiving

The Wine Guys

ANC 6A Report

Present at the Oct. 11 ANC 6A meeting: Commissioners Alberti, Healy, Holmes, Hysell, Ronneberg, Veenendaal-Selck. Absent: Commissioners Lawler, Mack.

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ANC 6D Report

Sometimes “Great Weight” Has Great Weight

The regulations governing ANCs say that the views of the Commissions will be given “great weight” in zoning cases, the granting of alcoholic beverage licenses and other issues that impact the communities in which the ANC is located. Often, city officials and agencies follow the advice of the ANCs, but there are times when issues are given great weight, and decisions turn out otherwise. This is a tale about how it should work,

ANC 6C Report

Parks for NoMa

Last month the ANC voted to thank Mayor Gray for finding $490,000 in his budget for planning for parks in NoMa. This month, Robin Eve Jasper, Executive Director of the NoMa BID, presented the BID’s proposal for a Public Realm Design Plan, a series of parks and plazas throughout NoMa

ANC 6B Report

ANC 6B covered miles of territory at its October meeting, with lively discussions ranging from fire safety to fence foot-dragging, gardens to good neighbors. Not to mention art projects and the ever-present unease over Eastern Market outdoor weekends during construction of the Hine School Project. All commissioners were present.

Firehouse Invitation

DC Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe outlined the department’s EMS redeployment plan, which he said will cut expenses and increase effectiveness.