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Archive - 2012

November 2nd

Red Rocks Pizzeria to Open on H Street NE

H Street Life

Southwest Church Bathed in Color

South by West

Wagtime Opens Near Proposed Truckeroo Site

Barracks Row

2013 will usher in a growth spurt on all six blocks of Barracks Row. New restaurants and new retailers are slated to open, and, one big surprise, a farmers’ market is being proposed. Here’s a look at what’s being planned for our corridor in its 212th year of operation.

The US Ranks 22nd in Freedom of the Press

Ranking America

November 1st

Focus Shifts from Hurricane to Halloween on Capitol Hill

After Capitol Hill emerged relatively unscathed by the fierce winds and torrential rain that Hurricane Sandy brought to Washington, DC, the community is looking forward to celebrating Halloween as planned. Decorations that were taken down in anticipation of the storm are being returned to front yards, and folks are keeping their plans to enjoy the holiday this evening.

Storybook Day at Maury Elementary

Maury Elementary celebrated "Storybook Character Day" on October 31. During this annual event, the students and many of the teachers dress up as their favorite literary characters. They all parade around the school; a great way to get psyched for the evening's festivities.