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Archive - 2012

December 6th

ANC 6C Report

Election Results

New Commissioners: Daniele Schiffman 6C01/Mark Eckenwiler 6C04/Mark Kazmierczak 6C05

Nonreturning Commissioners: Dixon to 6E06/Silver retiring/Wilsey to 2C03/Crews retiring/Richardson retiring

Rock and Roll Marathon

ANC 6B Report

What’s With the Slab?

A Sweater as Bright as Spring

E on DC

What’s Happening to Our Public Schools?

School Closings

What The Fiscal Cliff—Or Slope—Means for Local DC

The Numbers

Going over the “fiscal cliff” is the talk of Washington right now, but what will stepping over that brink mean for local DC?

Brown Goes Down, Ward 6 A Player in His Defeat

The District Beat

The seemingly impossible happened on November 6: an incumbent D.C. councilmember was defeated. On that day, independent challenger David Grosso upset Councilmember Michael Brown (I-At Large), besting him by over 20,000 votes to win one of two of the at-large seats that were up for grabs. (Vincent Orange easily won the other.)

November 30th

Ready! Aim! Fire!

The Nose

There is a conspiracy afoot, Dear Readers. Yes, you heard it here first.

Don’t panic!

Don’t run for the exits!

Before one of you calls the Secret Service, let The Nose be clear.

No one is trying to do a Romney redux. Rather, the plot is of a much more insidious nature.

Yes, Dear Readers, Barryites and Fentyites have found common cause in other than their penchant for green garb. A number are uniting behind the mayoral ambitions of Muriel “The Enigma” Bowser, the current councilmember for Ward 4.