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Archive - 2012

November 5th

Art in The Ciy

Artist Profile: Robert Tolar

Art “was a natural thing for him,” his twin sister, Sarah Tolar, told me. Robert Tolar, 1941-2012, was one of those kids who was always making things, elegant things. When Queen Elizabeth was crowned in 1953, Robert made an exacting copy of her ornate coach out of balsa wood, giving it all the gilt and glamor of the original.

He painted eggs elaborately and built towers for them, researching Egyptian and Greek architecture for authenticity.

Dear Garden Problem Lady

Which of the following should I cut back in the autumn? Hydrangea, roses, peonies, New England asters. lavender, thyme. rosemary, zinnias.

Cut back peonies. Their leaves fade and rot. Cut back roses to about a foot. They need protection from winter winds. Leave the hydrangea, the asters and the annuals – for winter beauty, and for the birds. As for herbs, there seems to be a consensus that it is wiser to leave them unpruned until their new growth starts in the spring. Then remove any dead branches.

Presidents on Capitol Hill

Presidents on Capitol Hill

A Simple Bench in King’s Court Community Garden

The Hill Gardener


E on DC

The Literary Hill

Washington in the Dark

Mike Canning finally got his wish. A Foreign Service Officer for 28 years, he always dreamed of being able to go to the movies in the daytime—and being paid to review them. For nearly 20 years now, he’s been the Hill Rag’s movie critic. Happily, all that time spent in dark theaters has dimmed neither his insight nor his enthusiasm.

Shoe Service Institute Supports Peter Bug’s Program at Spingarn High

Spingarn High School in Northeast DC has received $10,000 in new equipment, and $5,000 in supplies  from the Shoe Service Institute of America (SSIA) to help John “Peter Bug” Matthews retain and expand his shoe repair program.  The presentation occurred at a ceremony at the school on October 16.

SSIA president Don Rinaldi said the group “considers this an investment in our future because one of our main challenges is the shortage of training programs to bring young people into our industry.”