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Archive - Feb 2013

February 28th

Free Ride

Bike Theft in DC

It’s not the kind of thing you forget. On a chilly winter night six years ago, I rode my bike to Metro Center with plans to hear a band in Clarendon. Using a Kryptonite lock I secured my trusty metal steed to a parking meter in front of the station and headed down to the Metro.

That was around 8 p.m. Four hours later I emerged from underground and the bike was gone.

Mountain Bike Cops Nab Muggers

The Blotter

Two juvenile males approached a woman from behind on the 600 block of E St. NE at 9:30 a.m this morning. They attempted unsuccessfully to grab her purse. In the process of of the miscreants punched her in the face. They ran way without managing to get her property. The police came a took a report. Luckily she was not badly injured.

February 27th

The Blotter - February 26

There were thefts on:

  • Eight St. between E and G Streets SE;

  • 14 St. between D and E Streets SE;

  • Eight St. between E and G Streets SE;

  • Warren St. between Constitution Ave. and C St. NE

  • the 1600 block of H St. NE;

February 26th

The Blotter - February 25


There was a robbery on Feb 25 at 7:40 p.m. on an undetermined block.

In Other News

There were thefts on the:

  • on the 1200 block of North Carolina Ave. NE from a residence;

  • on Eight St. Se between E and G from a residence;

  • on Pennsylvania Ave. SE between G St. and Potomac Ave. from a commercial establishment.

Man Convicted in 2011 Emerald Street Killing

The Blotter

A jury found Brandon Andrews, 31, of Washington, DC, guilty of second-degree murder in the DC Superior Court. Brandon murdered his ex-girlfriend’s brother, Leonard Bigelow, 43.

In addition, the jury found Andrews guilty of a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, threats to injure and related weapons offenses.

February 25th

Canal Street Homicide

The Blotter

On Feb. 24 at 6:25 p.m., the police responded to a report of a gunfire on the 1400 block of Canal St. SW. They discovered a man suffering from a gunshot wound. He was transported to a local hospital, but later died.

MPD Homicide is actively working the case. Anyone with information is asked to call the police at 202-727-9099.

Lanier Promises Quick Resolution of Crime Database Problems

The Blotter

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) will resume posting periodic Crime Reports to community listservs, Chief Cathy Lanier announced this morning. These reports provide citizens with details of criminal incidents in each police district. They have not been issued for over ten days due to computer glitches, as reported previously in the Blotter.

Must See Music: A Night With Willy Moon

I could think of no better way of having spent my Friday night than at the U Street Music Hall surrounded in the musical sounds and talents of Willy Moon. If rocker Nick Cave and 1950s crooning Elvis Presley’s music were to have a baby, I have no doubt it would sound much like Moon’s unique, seductive sound.