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Archive - 2013

January 7th

Going Solar in DC!

Fantasy and Enchantment:: The Holiday Show at the US Botanic Garden

The Hill Gardener

The Garden Lady

Why do people plant pansies in the fall? I know our winters can be mild, but isn’t the growing season the time to plant flowers?

Fall pansy planters know that pansies do very well in cool weather, can even survive in quite a few degrees of frost. And pansies look pretty when color is needed in the late autumn garden. In DC, pansies die soon in spring – 75 degrees F. is about their upper limit. That said, pansies are a terrible cliché – almost as bad as ornamental cabbages. We must do better.

The Garden

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The Little Loft

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H Street Care Pharmacy & Wellness

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January 3rd

Annus Horribilis

The Nose