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Archive - Nov 1, 2014

New Elevated Park: A Bridge to Anacostia Development

11th Street Bridge Park plans lead to economic development for Anacostia

After a seven-month, nationwide design competition, DC residents are looking forward to their first elevated park, similar to the High Line Park in New York City. The selected design was created by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), an architectural firm based in the Netherlands, and Olin Studio, based in Philadelphia. The 11th Street Bridge Park’s foundation will be built on piers that remain from the demolished 11th Street bridge overlooking the Anacostia River. 

Christina Sturdivant is a Washington, DC, native reporting on arts, culture, development, innovation, and revitalization in the District. 

Ward 6 State Board of Education Candidates

Education has been a hot topic this election season. It is important to know who you are voting for, especially for your local representative on the Board of Education.

Ward 6 Board of Education candidates, Mark Naydan and Joe Weedon, answered questions about their plans for Ward 6 public schools at a forum at Eastern Senior High School on Tuesday, Oct. 14.

Mark Naydan

Pranav Badhwar for Ward 6 City Council

A Zero Accountability Political Culture

Charles Allen for Ward 6, City Council

Having served my Ward 6 neighbors in a variety of roles over the last decade, I am ready and excited to take on the challenge of representing your interests as the next Ward 6 member of the DC Council.

People choose to call Ward 6 home because our neighborhoods are an extension of our living rooms – with great schools we can walk to, parks to gather in, and local businesses that know us by name. These serve as anchors for our community and we must ensure that all residents see this vision realized.

Unlocking Opportunities

What The District Can Do To Better Support Low-Income Students

Poverty makes it hard for children to succeed in school. Low-income children are more likely than others to show up to school hungry, exposed to violence, stressed by family instability, or faced with severe health problems. 

That’s why efforts to close the still-large achievement gap in DC have to go beyond improving classroom instruction to also address the challenges that low-income children bring to school every day.

Reed is Deputy Director and Bhat is an education policy analyst at the DC Fiscal Policy Institute (, which conducts research on tax and budget issues that affect low- and moderate-income DC residents. 

Reading the Tea Leaves

Our Analysis Shows Mayoral Race is Still Competitive

With the November general election nearly upon us, it is time for this columnist to stare into his tea cup. Conveniently, a poll conducted between Oct. 20 and 21 by Public Policy Polling (PPP), commissioned by WAMU and Washington City Paper, provides new grounds for speculation. It is the first survey to offer a ward-by-ward breakdown of the candidates' support.

General Poll Results