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Archive - Nov 3, 2014

Capitol Hill Community Gears Up for Debate on Historic District Expansion

The boundaries of the Capitol Hill Historic District (CHHD) could expand north and east if neighbors make use of the results of a soon-to-be-released study by architectural history firm EHT Traceries commissioned by Capitol Hill Restoration Society (CHRS). 

Shaun Courtney is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of District Source, a DC real estate and neighborhood news blog, co-founded and supported by Lindsay Reishman Real Estate. Shaun has been a local reporter in DC since 2009 and has called the city home since 2002. She currently lives in Kingman Park. Read more from District Source at 

Barracks Row Events

Here in the center of Capitol Hill’s business district, it’s not all about business or even about politics. Fifteen years and many celebrations later, our Barracks Row Main Street events have become an integral part of neighborhood life. This year the Fall Festival stage at 8th and G St, SE, was booked with back-to-back acts including a tap dancing horse and the Georgetown Chimes. If you haven’t been to the Festival in recent years it’s definitely time to take a fresh look at its unique evolution. 

H Street Life

New businesses continue to flock to the H Street NE corridor, and this month we look at four very different new options that include a dog-friendly restaurant, a whisky-and-bourbon spot serving retooled cowboy cuisine, a place for bagels and bialys, and a shop specializing in house-made fermented Asian offerings.

Driftwood Kitchen Offers an Elegant Option on the Western End

For more on what’s abuzz on and around H Street NE please visit my blog, You can send me tips or questions at

South by West

Buzzard Point Stadium Not a Done Deal Yet

William Rich is a blogger at Southwest … The Little Quadrant That Could (

The River Whisperer

Our River: The Anacostia

“There’s plenty of room for more commuters.” Not a sentiment heard often in the DC metro area, where the streets and highways are clogged every workday. But for Gabe Horchler commuting is literally a breeze as he steers his rowing shell down the Anacostia River each day from Bladensburg to his job as head of the Law Cataloging Section of the Library of Congress. 

Bill Matuszeski writes about the environment with a focus on the Anacostia. He was director of the Chesapeake Bay Program from 1991 to 2001 and currently serves as chair of the Anacostia Watershed Citizens Advisory Committee.

This is an updated version of an article originally appearing in Arbor Friends, the quarterly publication of the Friends of the National Arboretum.

Stay On The Hill To Honor Our Veterans

American Legion Post 8's Stirring Ceremony, Nov. 11
Photograph By
Maggie Hall

This year's Veterans Day ceremony - staged by Post 8, the American Legion of Capitol Hill - will feature a “Top-Gun” officer, a secret surprise for two VIP guests and, a drum roll please, the welcome return of a favorite attraction. 

Australian Dancer and Choreographer Sarah J. Ewing Calls the Hill Home

The CityDance Ignite Artist presents pieces throughout the neighborhood while giving back

A young Australian woman in the Big Apple on vacation takes a leap of faith, and on a whim goes on a single dance audition during her week-long stay. Days later and half a world away she gets an email that will change her life and launch her promising dance and choreography career. 


During the last days of baseball one could find me yelling at the television. I wanted to reach into the screen and take the ball away from Soriano and Storen. Those guys were closers. What were they doing blowing a lead? The closer is the one who finishes strong. There is no room for a mistake. The closer pitches the ninth inning. Things that happen in the first or fifth innings mean nothing. At the end of the day it only matters if the closer gets the save.