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Archive - Nov 4, 2014

Baby Goats Invade Eastern Market

Two furry residents of the Peachy Family Dairy made their debut at Eastern Market today as part of the Fresh Tuesday Farmers Market. Tim and Tom, who are five months old, entertained young and old bystanders with their antics. Children were allowed into their coral to pet and feed the kids.

Peachy Family Dairy is a purveyor of fine artisanal goat cheeses and meats. The farm has 40 milking does and usually 70 kids in the spring. It specializes in fresh and aged Chevre Cheeses. Goat milk gelatoes are also available along with fine sausages.

The Jazz Project

Thoughts Of A Jazz Lover

Jazz can be enigmatic, an alchemy of mysterious sounds and moods that is spontaneous and yet deliberate in its free flowing creativity. The music can be complex, but good jazz feels as simple as first love—it goes straight to the heart and rests there, beating gently. 

All CDs and DVDS reviewed in this article are heard through Bowers & Wilkens Nautilus 801 speakers and ASW 4000 subwoofer, and Rotel Preamp 1070, amplifier 1092 and CD player 1072. B&W speakers are now available at Magnolia, Best Buys (703.518.7951) and IQ Home Entertainment (703.218.9855). CDs are available for purchase through For more information about this column, please email your questions to

The Poetic Hill

When Ed McManus retired he traveled to Hamburg to continue his study of the German language. Prior to his departure he got a call from an old friend who was dying. At his final visit his friend took his hand and hugged him heartily for the last time. In Hamburg McManus immersed himself in the language and culture.

If you would like to have your poem considered for publication please send it to (There is no remuneration.)

The Literary Hill

Into the Fray

Art and the City

Artist Profile: Carol Phifer

It was the almost endless stretches of the most intense, brilliant living color – flowing to the horizon. Hovering, really. Flowers! Heavenly fields of flowers. Carol Phifer was in Holland about five years ago and that was the vision that changed her work. And in some ways, her life. 

A Capitol Hill artist and writer, Jim Magner can be reached at Jim’s award-winning book, “A Haunting Beauty,” can be acquired

Two Striking New York Stories

An Actor on the Edge and a Drummer on the Rim

Birdman (or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Hill resident Mike Canning has written on movies for the Hill Rag since 1993 and is a member of the Washington Area Film Critics Association. He is the author of “Hollywood on the Potomac: How the Movies View Washington.” His reviews and writings on film can be found online at 

American Wines for Autumn

Pinot Noir for Thanksgiving

Pinot noir is the most elegant, consistently balanced combination of fruit, body, tannin, acidity, and alcohol found in most reds, when it is good. It is the most fickle and least forgiving of the vines in the vineyard, and few locations do it justice. Burgundy set the bar incredibly high and inspired competitors, clones, and hybrids all over the world. One of the only contenders to come close to Burgundy’s pinot noir mastery is the United States. Oregon especially, and Sonoma, have developed pinots with their own distinct personalities.

Peregrine Espresso’s Ryan Jensen

In the Barista’s Kitchen

Marrying talented, award-winning barista Ryan Jensen might not have been what Jill Jensen had in mind back when she worked at Common Grounds in Arlington. “I actually met him the first time at Murky Coffee where he was working as the manager, and he made me a cup of coffee,” says Jill, “After that he stopped in when I was working at Common Grounds under the guise of needing contact information for the guy running open mic night at Common Grounds.” Ryan was also applying to the Graduate Institute in St.

Annette Nielsen, food editor of the Hill Rag, has been engaged in food, farming, and sustainability issues for nearly two decades. Nielsen’s experience includes catering, coordinating artisanal and farm-based food events, and teaching cooking classes. She’s the editor of two “Adirondack Life” cookbooks, “Northern Comfort” and “Northern Bounty,” and she heads up Kitchen Cabinet Events, a culinary, farm-to-fork-inspired event business. A native of the Adirondacks, she’s a long-time resident of both New York City and DC and returned to the District from Washington County, N.Y.;