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Archive - 2014

December 9th

Decoding Shakespeare

Folger Library Exhibit Looks at Work of a Cryptological Couple

While some people feel like they might need a cryptologist to decipher Shakespeare, that is not the focus of the Folger Shakespeare Library’s exhibit “Decoding the Renaissance: 500 Years of Codes and Ciphers.” Rather the exhibit displays cipher machines, music scores, and lots of books to explain how the art of secret writing came into its own. The new science of codes and ciphers produced some of the period’s most brilliant inventions, most beautiful books, and most enduring legacies.

Folger Shakespeare Library, 201 East Capitol Street, SE, 202-544-4600. Decoding the Renaissance: 500 Years of Codes and Ciphers on exhibit through February 26, 2015.

Meet Artist Charles Bergen

Art and the City

The big, mean, hungry Capitalsaurus is chasing a frightened feathered Falcarius across F Street in a very probable Cretaceous moment. Of course, at that time, 100 million years ago, Capitol Hill was simply a sunny savanna.

Two Striking True Stories: A Very Special

British Scientist and a Very Committed Iranian Journalist

The Theory of Everything

Hill resident Mike Canning has written on movies for the Hill Rag since 1993 and is a member of the Washington Area Film Critics Association. He is the author of “Hollywood on the Potomac: How the Movies View Washington, DC.” His reviews and writings on film can be found online at

Councilmember Tommy Wells Awarded His Very Own Brickie

Councilmember Tommy Wells received a special award at the Eighth Annual Livable Walkable Awards at the Atlas Performing Arts Center last Wednesday night.

Wells started the awards eight years ago as a way to recognize residents of the Ward 6 who are making a difference in the community.

“I think communities need to come together to celebrate themselves,” said Wells. “It’s a great way to show commonality and common purpose for a great place to live together.”

Giving the Gift of Scotch

The Wine Guys

There are two types of people that buy scotch; the connoisseurs, who have collections of fine single-malt and rare blended malt scotch and only want more, and everyone else, who maybe have tasted a scotch or two, but stare at the wall of possibilities in quiet disbelief, going home with one they recognize. It’s finally that happy gift-giving time of year, though, when the connoisseur, or connoisseur-in-training, in your life needs a present to impress or at least one they’ll actually enjoy drinking.

Steven L. Cymrot Buried Near Fredericksburg

No Public Memorial Service Planned

Steven L. Cymrot has been buried at the Cymrot family's country home near Fredericksburg,VA. The family is not planning a public memorial.

Here is the family's statement:

In Appreciation

Holiday Food & Dining Ideas on The Hill

Dining Notes
Photograph By
Celeste McCall

Not everybody leaves town for the holidays; many prefer to celebrate right here on Capitol Hill. And there are many festive possibilities and gifting opportunities:

Celeste McCall is a long-time food, restaurant and travel writer in Washington DC. She can be reached at Blog: Celestial Bites.

Anatevka Is Reborn at Arena

A Haunting Fiddler to Savor
Photograph By
Margot Schulman

Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage,” but with every Arena production I become more convinced of the opposite: The Fichlander Stage is all the world. From the plains of Oklahoma to the drawing rooms of London, there’s no place on Earth that Arena artistic director Molly Smith can’t conjure in this deceptively compact space.

Barbara Wells is a writer and editor for Reingold, a social marketing communications firm. She and her husband live on Capitol Hill.