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Archive - Jun 2015


June 30th

Training Your Pet to Visit the Vet

Your dog or cat may not be a sea lion, but looking at the sea lion at the zoo may help you and your pet with the next veterinary visit. How? Repetitive training. The behavior of a sea lion at a training session is not innate, and no animal instinctively rolls over or hands you their paw. Similarly we cannot expect a dog or cat to be fear-free in a veterinary environment without training and positive reinforcement. You can take a number of steps with your pet to make veterinary visits smoother and less stressful.

Dan Teich, DVM, is at District Veterinary Hospital, 3748 10th St. NE, Washington, DC 20017; 202-827-1230 and

Bridging the Gap: DC United Soccer Stadium

Last month, I summarized the latest wave of development in the Capitol Riverfront, including the proposed DC United Soccer Stadium. I was excited by the announcement on Monday, June 8th that the soccer stadium deal between the DC Government and DC United was completed and signed, meaning that all the planning necessary to deliver a stadium by 2018 can proceed. What is involved in such a planning and development process?

Michael Stevens, AICP is President of the Capitol Riverfront BID.

Razing Begins at Former Southeastern University Campus

South by West

Fencing is up and raze permits have been approved for the demolition of the former Southeastern University campus at 501 I Street SW. Demolition began in late June after school recessed for the summer at neighboring Amidon-Bowen Elementary. The demolition process will last five weeks, starting on the north side of the site for the first week and moving to the west side during weeks two and three. Then demolition will shift to the east side for the last two weeks. Work hours will be from 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday. 

William Rich is a blogger at Southwest...The Little Quadrant that Could.

Summer on H Street

H Street Life

It’s summer on H Street NE, and there’s plenty to do. Whether you want to seek out new places or simply lounge outdoors with a cool beer, the following are solid bets to fill your long summer days and nights. 

Sally’s Middle Name & Akae Open on H Street NE

Cycling the Trails of the Anacostia

Our River: The Anacostia

Summertime!  And time to get out and oil up that bicycle for some wonderful rides along the Anacostia River and its feeder streams.  All along the main stem of the River and nearly all its tributaries, we have been blessed by generations of thoughtful city, county and federal officials who preserved the banks in parks and natural areas, and built trails for hikers and bikers.

Bill Matuszeski writes monthly about the Anacostia River.  He is the retired Director of the Chesapeake Bay Program, current Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee on the Anacostia River and a member of the Mayor’s Leadership Council for a Cleaner Anacostia River

Tao Porchon Lynch - Young at 97

This master yoga teacher is a living example of her mantra “There is Nothing You Cannot Do”

Tao Porchon Lynch, who is turning 97 in August, has become an international phenomena. She embodies the youthfulness, vitality and joy we all want to have at any age.

Pattie Cinelli is a fitness consultant and writer who teaches and writes about exercise, health and a holistic approach to wellness. She is available for consultations, lectures and personal training sessions. Please contact Pattie with your questions and story ideas.

Charnice Milton (1987-2015)

The Community Reporter

“We used to go to Port City Java to sit and talk,” recalled mother Francine Milton. “I happened to be going past one day, and I noticed the Capital Community News (CCN) office nearby. I told Charnice about it and she decided to visit,” she continued.  “The next day I was surprised when she told me that she was going to be a reporter for CCN.” 

Father William Whittaker

A year and a half ago the rector of a large Anglican parish near London’s Heathrow airport was visiting a friend in Washington, DC, and found himself on the corner between Eastern Market and the Sunday flea market, observing the vibrant community and saying to himself, “I’d love a parish like this.” Exploring on the Internet he found, to his surprise, that a District church identifying itself as “Anglo-Catholic” and “progressive” was looking for a priest, and so, with no real expectation of being hired, he applied.