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Archive - 2015

December 16th

Bloomingdale Buzz

Preserving Bloomingdale’s Past

The Bloomingdale Civic Association (BCA) continues to focus its attention on strengthening and supporting the community. Through its Bloomingdale Village Square Project, the BCA interviewed 25 residents and created an oral-history video to help preserve the neighborhood’s history.

Is DC Taking Care of Returning Citizens?

Personal Commitment Not Matched by ORCA Budget

Recently the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) announced its early release of 6,000 prisoners for drug offenses. That demonstrates how attitudes toward formerly incarcerated citizens are changing. Incarceration costs not just taxpayers but also citizens, who, given support and direction, could be leading productive, law-abiding lives.

Stephen Lilienthal is a freelance writer in Washington, DC. He is on the advisory council of the Free Minds Book Club. 

Mount Vernon Triangle

MVT’s Historic Church

Dual Language Drought

The District must grow a pool of global citizens fluent in various world languages and cultures, if it’s serious about developing long-term relations with countries like China and expanding employment opportunities for its residents, says Vanessa Bertelli, co-founder and executive director of DC Language Immersion Project. Creation of dual language programs in the city’s public schools could facilitate that process – except that’s not happening with any urgency, and communities east of the Anacostia River may be more adversely affected.

jonetta rose barras is a freelance writer.

Shaw Streets

Shaw Celebrates Small Business Saturday

Shaw marked Small Business Saturday on Nov. 28 by holding ribbon cuttings at 15 newly opened Shaw businesses. Begun in 2010 by American Express, Small Business Saturday is a national effort to encourage consumers to patronize small and local businesses as part of their holiday shopping plans.

December 15th

FOIA Bake Sale Exceeds Goal

Commissioner Denise Krepp Can Now Cover Her Data Request to DOJ

Armed with cookies, cakes, pies, and holiday treats, Commissioner Denise Rucker Krepp, the ANC 6B(10) commissioner, pulled in $1,097 last Sunday at Eastern Market to fund an investigation into DC prosecution rates.  Krepp requested documents and data from the Department of Justice (DOJ) so that she can review and track the number of prosecutions that came from arrests made by metro police since 2010. The DOJ asked for $1000 to cover the cost of retrieving the data.

Home for the Holidays

D.C. Theaters Serve Family Fare
Photograph By
Margot Schulman

Washington is a hub of earnest, provocative, relevant theater—where even the classic American musical or Shakespearean comedy is infused with at least a thread of social commentary. But by December, even Washington’s theaters take a break from consciousness-raising to embrace the holiday spirit and indulge in some comfort food. It’s time to enjoy heartwarming fare for the whole family.

Barbara Wells is a writer and editor for Reingold, a social marketing communications firm. She and her husband live on Capitol Hill.

Let’s Get Physical: Best of 2015

Another year is behind us and the season of gleeful gorging is in full swing. That said, let’s get a jump on 2016 wellness with a review of the top three Let’s Get Physical features of 2015.  

Tai Chi @ Work It! Studio

Tai chi was the first fitness method to help me understand the hype around yoga (which, as I confessed in the original feature, I’m just not that into). It’s a shoo-in for this year’s list based on that alone, but it holds more charms than that.

CORRECTION: In the November 2015 feature of Down South Bounce, Dominique Charles’ email address was misspelled. She can be contacted at