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Archive - 2016

December 3rd

South by West

District Wharf Update

William Rich is a blogger at Southwest … The Little Quadrant that Could (

Finding a Spoke in the Stack Helps Combat Rampant DC Bike Theft

In the first week of October an ad asking $300 for a Surly Long Haul Trucker bicycle in DC popped up on the website OfferUp. It looked clean, and the seller, “Jay,” listed it as having “normal wear” for a used bike.

One problem: that bike retails at nearly $2,000.

Afterschool Rate Hikes Spark Frustration

Program Costs Skyrocketed for Some in 2016-17

Confusion over new custodial and security costs sent several afterschool programs in the District into a panic in September. The DC Department of General Services (DGS) started charging rent in the 2016-17 year to use the buildings, and DC Public Schools (DCPS) increased the fees for the security and custodial services.

You Can Still Get Health Insurance through DC Health Link

It’s important to remember that DC residents and businesses can still get insurance for all of 2017 through DC Health Link, our local insurance marketplace, despite uncertainty about the future of federal health insurance programs following the national elections. We don’t know what will happen to these programs, but it will not affect healthcare options for next year. Consumers should take advantage of their choices now.

Jodi Kwarciany is a policy analyst at the DC Fiscal Policy Institute ( DCFPI promotes budget and policy solutions to reduce poverty and inequality in the District of Columbia, and to increase opportunities for residents to build a better future.

When Federal Policy Goes Low, DC Should Stay High

The Numbers

At a time when many DC residents – including me – are deeply concerned about the national election outcome, it’s important to remember that the District has a track record of pursuing its own path. DC was a leader in expanding health insurance well before the Affordable Care Act (ACA), for example, and can ensure that our residents maintain health insurance if the ACA is repealed or scaled back.

Ed Lazere is executive director of the DC Fiscal Policy Institute (, which promotes budget and policy solutions to reduce poverty and inequality in the District of Columbia and increase the opportunity for residents to build a better future. 

December 2nd

Two Capitol Hill Area Landscapes: Looking Forward and Back

The Hill Gardener

It takes a long time to build public landscapes in Washington, DC. With hearings and approvals required at every stage of the design process from commissions and agencies at all levels of government, design development can easily last over a decade. Construction can take years. But when projects are completed, DC residents, particularly those on the Hill, benefit more than most US citizens, with unparalleled access to some of the most significant designed landscapes in the country.

Cheryl Corson, RLA, ASLA, is a local landscape architect and writer in private practice ( She respects her colleagues who work on large projects that take years to design and build. Cheryl’s new book, “Sustainable Landscape Maintenance for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed,” is available at

Benjamin Lightman: 1921-2016

Chief Librarian of Time-Life Inc.

How does one remember a father? Is it the calm hand that held the back of the banana seat of my red Stingray as I learned to ride in the school parking lot, training wheels dispensed with? Perhaps it was the feeling of security that persisted after the release of his grip on the saddle as I plunged into the adventure of balancing the unfamiliar.

December 1st

Winners of 2016 Brickie Awards

The 10th Annual Awards Celebration is Dec. 1 at the Apollo

Local community leader Nicky Cymrot, Shaw Main Street, the Pretzel Bakery, the manager of King Greenleaf Rec Center and the Hill Rage newspaper took home awards in the 10th annual Ward 6 Brickie Awards this year.

Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen will award the honors on Dec. 1 at the Apollo (600 H St. NE) during a free and public celebration from 6 to 8 p.m. The community nominated each of the recipients.