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Archive - 2012 - Article (News Story)


December 20th

Ward 6 Resident to Run for At-Large Council Seat

Elissa Silverman, a former reporter for the Washington Post, the Washington City Paper and the Hill Rag has announced her candidacy for the At-Large city council seat vacated by Phil Mendelson. Silverman will be running as a Democrat. Kathy Patterson, former Ward 3 councilmember, will serve as her campaign chair.

December 19th

December 14th

Getting Healthy and Fit In the New Year

Free Yourself from Recurring Obstacles That Keep You from Your Fitness Goals

December is the perfect time for assessing, evaluating and planning what we want to change about ourselves in the next year. But this is not what we usually do during this frenzied month of visiting, baking, shopping, wrapping and traveling that has become the holidays. Many of us stopped making New Year resolutions a long time ago because we don’t ever stick to them. But this year can be different.

What Can You Do Today - This Very Moment?

“My religion is simple.  My religion is kindness”.  Dalai Lama

Love Is Everything

Jet Lag or Tail Wag: Traveling with Your Pet

Capitol Hill is filled with world travelers. Whether you are headed home to see the family down South or you are moving to Africa for a two year stint for work, this area is filled with people who roam around the planet. What better travel companion than your pet? The thought of having your furry friend with you at your destination is an appealing one, and one that has made pet travel a big business. 

A Music guide To Jazz for the Beginning Listener

the jazz project

Usually this is the column where I reflect on what I’ve listened to over the past year and make a list of the albums that stood out. But several times recently someone has asked me how to start of collection of jazz that goes past compilations such as Starbucks’ “Jazz Impressionists.” Eight tracks of classic jazz, yes, but a good jazz album is more than a random collection of songs. There’s a cohesion that melds with the mind of the listener, creating a mood, a sense that the world is good and you are part of it.

Wines for the Holidays:

The Wine Guys

Well, believe it or not, we already entered another holiday season. Since it’s hard to imagine the holiday season without a glass of wine in hand, so, to continue with tradition, here are our annual holiday wine picks! This year we have recommendations from some old familiar faces as well as some new young wine guys who have suffered through lots of wine so they can recommend holiday wine picks that will bring together all the flavors on the table without breaking the bank.

Terry Brown, Wine Manager

A Touch of Class: Arena’s “My Fair Lady”

In a bright, colorful package brimming with beloved songs, Arena Stage artistic director Molly Smith once more invites Washington audiences to delve into the American musical in her production of “My Fair Lady.” More than mere confection, this show reveals the genius of landmark musicals of the 1950s: Beneath the layers of delightful music, dance and humor, timeless themes of social class and persistent prejudice are laid bare.