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August 16th, 2012

The Nationals, A Love Affair

E on DC

August 15th

Jazz Avenues

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Silver Screen Jazz

Now we have our city's image on the silver screen honoring our own national treasure – and it’s not all about white marble buildings or the mall and monuments downtown. “Oxygen for The Ears,” the brainchild of Stefan Immler, a jazz fan whose day job working as a physicist, is the movie released this year that is all about jazz and is set in DC at HR-57, Bohemian Caverns, the Kennedy Center, Twins Jazz, Utopia and many other jazz spots around town.

The Process of Choosing a Middle School

Hear the Titanic

Saturday, August 18 at 7 - 9 pm

Dance Place 2 Studio @ Art Space Lofts

3305 8th Street NE, Washington, DC

Featuring original and period-inspired music from Hemispheric Dysfunctionalism and the Cortical Titanic with Jason McCool as music director Sam Bean, Simone Shuffett, and Genna Davidson on violin Benjamin Gates on cello and Tom Skvarka on flute Julia Scherer Hoock and Katharina Acosta as the Lorelei

August 14th


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Here is something we had not experienced for awhile, at least not in Washington: An old-fashioned supper club. The scene was the beautiful Howard Theatre. Built in 1910, the theatre launched the careers of such luminaries as Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye and the Supremes. Sadly, the structure deteriorated after the 1968 riots and lay vacant for 32 years.

Beautifully restored to its original Beaux Art glory, the historic building reopened last April with a gala bash and much fanfare. Now, patrons enjoy good food with their culture.

August 13th

Camp Invention Expanding in DC

Students and Teachers Explore STEM and Creativity
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“We tried that, but it didn't work. Now, we're gonna...” One of a group of inventors, aged 7 to 9, is explaining the group's effort to create a balloon-popping invention. Similar trials, with their own failures, are taking place around this Southeast classroom. No one seems disappointed. All ideas are encouraged, even if they don't work out as originally hoped. Risk is an essential part of the process at Camp Invention.

August 12th

Children's History Theater Brings Important Leaders to the Stage

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Renee Flood-Wright