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August 2nd, 2012

Three Strikes & You're Out!

The August Nose


The Nose, Dearest Readers, is pleased to announce his transmigration into this ether realm of the World Wide Web with this small column. No, as yet, you cannot find him fiddling with his phone in a vain attempt to tweet his foolish musings to a host of followers stranded in their own ennui.

Neither will you find digital representations of The Nose’s bacchanalian pastimes on Facebook.

No, Dear Readers, you still can’t ‘like’ The Nose.

July 29th

A 20-20 Vision for Historic Anacostia

H Street Playhouse to Relocate to Historic Anacostia

Exit the Anacostia Metro stop and you start to feel the energy of this vibrant neighborhood. Travel past the Capital Bikeshare station, Arcadia Farm’s Mobile Market selling fresh fruit and vegetables, and walk a few blocks on bustling Martin Luther King Boulevard and you’ll find the HIVE, a creative and shared workspace for freelancers and small businesses, a project of the ARCH Development Corporation (ADC).

St. Peter School 2012 Graduates

Moving On Up!

On Friday, June 1, St. Peter School graduates donned caps and gowns and processed in St. Peter’s Church for Mass and the graduation ceremony.

@ The Movies

Two New Tough Documentaries: One on a Scandal Repressed and One on Repression Itself

The Invisible War

The Literary Hill

Mad as Hell

Choosing Drinks for Independence Day

The Wine Guys

In June 2008, with no plan and no particular job prospects like a lot of recent graduates that year, I came to the United States planning to spend a long summer with my American girlfriend and then return to England. By September we had adopted a cat, found an apartment, were planning our wedding, and America was my new home.

We're Not in The District Anymore!

The July Nose

The Nose, Dear Readers, has had the distinct pleasure of your intimate acquaintance for several years now. However, nothing in this extended dalliance, even the 2010 dethronement of King Blackberry, rivals the Machiavellian imbroglio of the past two months.

From the ingenious incompetencies of the 2010 Gray campaign (the term which led to the coining of ‘Sulaimania’), to the mundane mechanics of mortgage fraud, the District’s politicians have plumbed the depths of depravity to dally with their doom.

All the World’s a Stage

The June Nose

“All the World’s a Stage,” the Bard once wrote. Never was this sage observation truer than in our fair metropolis this past month. Here, politics, in The Nose’s opinion, have veered from the comic to the tragic. One moment saw the famous “Mayor for Life” pontificating on the ethnicity of the nursing profession. Another witnessed the fallen scion of a long-standing political dynasty embarking on a four-year, all-paid vacation at Camp Fed.