East of the River

06/04/2016 - 10:42am
“I think we might have a real horse race,” observed longtime government watchdog Dorothy Brizill, describing the at-large DC Council Democratic primary contest. On June 14 incumbent Vincent B. Orange will face challengers David Garber and Robert White. At first blush, some might think Brizill’s assessment incorrect. But a poll commissioned by Orange’s campaign and conducted by Lester & Associates found that only 48 percent of respondents supported the incumbent. That... >>more
05/06/2016 - 10:57am
Incumbent Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander is rocking to the old-school music filling the air around the Shell service station on Benning Road NE. Casually dressed in a black knit top and khaki-colored slacks, she acts as if it were an ordinary day in the community she has represented since 2007. In fact, she is opening a second reelection campaign headquarters, creating a physical presence near River Terrace and Kingman Park neighborhoods–areas of the ward where she hopes to attract... >>more
05/06/2016 - 10:48am
Light blue and yellow political posters cluster in the front yard of the Greater Tyson Temple Church on 31st Street SE, signaling to passersby that a campaign event may be in progress. Actually, it’s the third in a series of town hall meetings featuring the man who is at once former mayor and former chairman of the DC Council. Vincent C. Gray has returned to the ward that launched his career to reclaim the title of Ward 7 councilmember. Inside the church a sprinkling of folks awaits his... >>more
04/09/2016 - 10:15am
With each local election for the past decade residents in Ward 7 have loudly demanded economic development. Yet according to Paul Savage, a long-time community leader, the top two candidates in the June 14 Democratic primary election for the DC Council – incumbent Yvette Alexander and challenger and former mayor Vincent C. Gray – “have done very little to provide leadership to get economic development in Ward 7.” “We’ve been left standing when the rest of the... >>more
08/14/2016 - 12:14pm
*Correction: Effi Barry was Christopher Barry's mother. Cora Masters Barry is his stepmother. Marion Christopher Barry died this weekend of an apparent drug overdose, according to his relatives. Barry, 36, was the son of the late DC Mayor Marion Barry, who died in November 2014.  He was discovered by his girlfriend, according to the family and NBC4 news reports. He is survived by his step-mother and the former mayor's wife Cora Masters Barry. His mother Effi Barry died in 2007. DC... >>more
08/11/2016 - 10:38am
The Chateau will be reopening to a new and improved venue called the Chateau Remix. Olivia Brown-Payton, an Arlington native, along with her partner, Ward 8 resident Tjuana Price-Salmon, have been awarded an opportunity to bring back what the community misses so much: a home where they can reunite with fellowship and most of all hand dancing. How They Made It Happen When Seresa “Nut” Coleman died on April 1, the Chateau went with him. Many were devastated. “Ms. Fay Batts, one... >>more
08/11/2016 - 9:42am
Enjoying the great outdoors this summer has become a little more stressful due to the alarming reports over the last six months about the Zika virus, carried by mosquitos. As of June 1 six cases of Zika had been reported in DC, 20 in Virginia, and another 19 in Maryland. Health officials report that most of the cases are a result of people traveling to places that are in a mosquito-control crisis, not from mosquitos in the DC area. The DC Department of Health has held forums on the matter and... >>more
08/10/2016 - 11:15am
Falling rain splashes against one black and one pink umbrella. Five students in grades 9 to 12 stand in front of the black slab of granite stone, studying the nearly 60,000 etched names of Americans lost in the Vietnam War. On this overcast day in May, the memorial acts as the classroom for the students Blyth-Templeton Academy (921 Pennsylvania Ave. SE). The students in the Writers Craft class had just finished reading Tim O’Brien’s book “The Things They Carried,” and... >>more
08/10/2016 - 10:34am
Charter schools have been a part of the educational landscape of our city for two decades, educating nearly half of publicly educated students in Washington, DC today. However, many parents, especially those of young children, are uncertain of what a charter school is and whether a charter school education is right for their child. Charter schools are independently managed schools that receive public funds to educate children. In Washington, traditional public schools are run by the Chancellor... >>more