The Hill Rag

03/19/2017 - 12:29pm
Death's not the victor, after all;           the equinox comes as a scold;  Life cracks the ground in shades of green,           throws off the lethargy of cold, And wakesand grows from fertile seeds,           aroused from dormant winter's night When dark was tantamount to death           and hope lay... >>more
03/18/2017 - 11:21am
Are you looking for some stress relief? Maybe you would like to incorporate more physical activity into your regimen? At Samurai Training Academy you can reap the benefits of both stress relief and physical activity, getting two birds with one stone. Learning and improving your martial arts skills in karate, jujitsu, and sword can help enhance your physical strength and your mental focus and calmness too. The Samurai Training Academy’s dojo is located in the heart of Capitol Hill on the... >>more
03/18/2017 - 10:12am
Eleven years ago I wrote about the newly opened Bikram Yoga Studio on H Street NE. Bikram Yoga was the latest craze that migrated here from the west coast. The classes were hot (105 degrees) and crowded with sparsely-clad yogis. I struggled throughthe 26 Hatha yoga postures and two breathing exercises feeling elated that I completed the class without passing out. No matter which class one attended participants were guaranteed to get the same postures in the same order every time. These days you... >>more
03/17/2017 - 2:42pm
Neighbors around the Virginia Avenue Park in Southeast may soon get a newly designed space with a community garden, dog park and open green area. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) 6B voted March 14 to support a redesign of the park located mainly north of Interstate 695 between Ninth and 11th Streets SE, which commissioners hope starts following the completion of the CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel project. It took the commission two years to come up with a basic concept for the park’s... >>more
03/17/2017 - 11:12am
As mammals we all pee. Urine, produced by the kidneys, is an essential part of physiology: it eliminates excess water, helps electrolyte balances, rids the body of toxic metabolites and waste products and drugs, and helps maintain acid-base balance within the bloodstream. Therefore, it is essential to maintain proper kidney and urinary health.  Let’s start with drinking sufficient amounts of water. Always keep your pet’s water bowl full with fresh water. Change it daily and be... >>more
03/17/2017 - 10:15am
Kenneth Carroll IIIwas selected by Words Beats & Life as the 2017 DC Youth Poet Laureate. He began performing as a sophomore at Wilson High School and continues to participate in poetry slams and readings throughout the Metropolitan DC area. Carroll, who self-identifies as “a total nerd,” is interested in issues of identity and social justice. Part of the latest generation in a tradition of the black literary arts movement in the District, Carroll’s work speaks to the... >>more
03/17/2017 - 10:15am
BookFest 2017! Join us on May 7 for the Sixth Literary Hill BookFest, where you’ll meet the writers below as well as more than 30 other local authors. Capitol Hill booksellers, publishers, and other members of our literary community will also be on hand, and we’ll have author talks and a full lineup of stories and activities in the Children’s Corner. The BookFest is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the North Hall of Eastern Market. At 3 p.m., stroll across the street for Poets... >>more
03/16/2017 - 11:15am
Demystifying Artist Open Studios and the Artistic Process Introduced in August 2016, the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop’s Resident Gallery Artist program connects the Capitol Hill community with working artists and their process. CHAW is now in its 45th year as an organization with a track record of “building community through the arts.” CHAW’s Resident Gallery Artist program provides a space for experimentation while functioning as an artist incubator that interacts with... >>more
03/16/2017 - 10:12am
They chase the ambiguities of existence in a boundless zone of suggestion – all possibilities and no answers. Each drawing is his personal exploration, with no attempt to translate it for you. You’re on your own as you search for doubts and dreams in the dangerously seductive intricacies of Ben Tolman drawings. I wrote that seven years ago. Maybe you, like countless others, have found yourself seduced by Ben’s ever evolving, ever-searching exploration of the mysteries of the... >>more