“The Artist Within” at Hill Center’s Young Artists Gallery

Photograph By
Nicol Davis

Landscape inspired by the changing seasons.

The art program at Miner ES (601 15th Street NE) focuses on teaching for artistic behavior. Students are encouraged to explore various media, identify their own interests and develop these interests over time. Their teacher, Nicol Davis, believes “it is essential to provide student artists with many ways to be successful… and to broaden their art experiences by providing many types of materials for creation.” She demonstrates a variety of skills and presents the work of established artists. The children are then given free rein to choose techniques that allow them to express their creative ideas and experiment in a series of media centers set up to facilitate drawing, collage, painting, ceramics, and photography.  Collaboration is encouraged.

The work currently on view in the Young Artists Gallery at Hill Center reflects their interpretations of nature, neighborhood, emotions, dreams, literary characters - and themselves.​  Subjects include portraits in pastels or colored pencil, a mixed media landscape inspired by the changing seasons and a crazy collage of cups representing the Mad Hatter’s daughter’s tea party. 

The show is on display in the ground floor gallery at Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital, 921 Pennsylvania Ave, SE until the end of February. Ms. Davis invites you to come visit. She acknowledges the challenge of managing the wide range of materials for so many developing artists, but says “the outcome is so worth it.”  Her students are inspired by the creativity of their peers – and they hope their Capitol Hill neighbors will be also.

Miner ES Fifth Grade student experimenting with mixed media collage.