ANC 6A Elects New Officers

In a 7-1 vote, ANC6A commissioners approved a slate of officers and committee chairs at their first 2013 meeting, on Thurs. Jan. 10. The vote reappointed David Holmes as commission chair and Nicholas Alberti as treasurer, and appointed the newly elected J. Omar Mahmud as vice-chair, and Gloria Nauden as secretary.

Three committee chairs also returned to their posts: Adam Healy to the Alcohol Beverage and Licensing Committee, Elizabeth Nelson to the Community Outreach Committee, and Mahmud to the Transportation and Public Space Committee. No chair was elected for the Economic Development & Zoning Committee, and commissioners agreed to meet separately to discuss who could fill the spot. Holmes said he would be willing to take over temporarily, if needed. In addition, as in the past, there was no nomination for the Public Safety Committee. Holmes explained that commissioners are reluctant to seed a committee that deals with the topic of utmost importance to them, only to override the chair with their own interests.

Newly elected commissioner Sondra Phillips-Gilbert opposed the motion to adopt slate, even though she said she supported each candidate who had been listed. Phillips-Gilbert lamented that election slates take away from the Democratic process, and that each candidate should stand on his or her own merits and qualifications. Needing approval by only a 2/3 vote, however, the slate passed after the discussion closed.

For a full report of the ANC 6A meeting, look for the Hill Rag on February 2.