ANC 6A Report - January 2017

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6A Chair Phil Toomajian called the meeting to order, with Commissioners Calvin Ward, Sondra Phillips-Gilbert, Marie-Claire Brown, Mike Soderman, Patrick Malone, and Stephanie Zimny in attendance. Matt Levy arrived shortly thereafter.

Chair Toomajian began the meeting by welcoming Marie-Claire Brown, the only first-term commissioner, representing ANC 6A01. The first order of business was the annual “housekeeping,” including the election of officers, establishment of committees, and announcement of the 2017 ANC 6A meeting schedule.

Toomajian will continue as chair, Stephanie Zimny as treasurer, Calvin Ward as secretary; Mike Soderman will take over the vice-chair position vacated by Omar Mahmud.

The commissioners will continue to meet on the second Thursday of each month at Miner Elementary School, 601 15th St. NE, except for an August recess and a change of venue in July.

The committees are as follows:

  • Economic Development and Zoning, Brad Greenfield (chair), Jake Joyce, Missy Boyette, Justin Thornton, Michael Hoenig, Stephanie Zimny
  • Transportation and Public Space, Omar Mahmud (co-chair), Todd Sloves (co-chair), Jeff Fletcher, Andrea Adleman, Lara Levison, Hassan Christian, Elizabeth Nelson
  • Alcohol Beverage Licensing, Jay Williams, Christopher Seagle, Roger Caruth, Michael Herman, Justin Rzepka, Mark Samburg
  • Community Outreach, Dana Wyckoff (chair), Roni Hollmon, Gladys Mack, Joyce West

Contact information for the commissioners and committee chairs is posted at

RFK Campus Update

Max Brown, chair of Events DC, gave a presentation on the RFK Campus Redevelopment Project. The site is large, 190 acres. The plan is focused mostly on short-term upgrades to areas adjacent the stadium. These will include recreational fields, a market hall, gardens, and access bridges to Kingman and Heritage islands. When the stadium is torn down in 2018 it will clear the way for additional development. Toomajian expressed disappointment that housing was not in the mix, but the terms of the current lease allow only sports, recreation, and entertainment uses. Unlike the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), Events DC must generate its own funding and is therefore pursuing public-private partnerships to build the facilities. When completed, there will be a charge for their use. Events DC hopes to keep it affordable. Details (including the slide show that was shared at the ANC meeting) can be found at

Alcohol Beverage Licensing Actions

The commissioners gave unanimous support to the following:

  • Settlement agreement (SA) with Bespoke 1337 LLC, t/a Hill Prince (1337 H St. NE).
  • SA with Ben's Chili Bowl/Ben's Upstairs (1001 H St. NE). Toomajian noted that this was the last liquor-serving establishment on H Street not to have a settlement agreement with 6A, and thanked the owners for their cooperation.
  • SA with Naomi’s Ladder II LLC (1123 H St. NE). This is the location formerly occupied by XII, and there are ties between past and current owners. As there were problems with the business, the commissioners insisted on more stringent language than what they would ordinarily require. For example, a provision requires that if there are continued, substantiated noise complaints, the hours of operation for the roof-top will be reduced.

A recommendation to support a stipulated license for Naomi's Ladder II was tabled. The establishment was not placarded until Dec. 31, giving the public little opportunity to express concerns, especially given XII’s track record

Transportation and Public Space Actions

ANC 6A will provide a letter of support for the 2017 Rock and Roll Marathon and Half-Marathon, contingent on Events DC (the race organizer) making provisions for public notification, including a door-hanger campaign, a notice on affected bus routes, and the advance posting of signs noting street closings and crossing points. Events DC must confirm that the residents of Capitol Hill Towers will have access to their parking lot entrance on 10th Street during the race. Department of Public Works trucks will be at RFK Stadium and not on neighborhood streets. The Metropolitan Police Department is to reopen street closures as soon as runners and marathon staff have cleared an intersection.

Additionally, ANC 6A declared support for keeping the marathon on H Street NE. Events DC has received notice that it may not be allowed to use H Street, as in the past, due to streetcar operations. In that case the race course will be forced onto a residential street. That would be problematic for neighbors and runners, and many H Street business owners would prefer to keep them on H Street.

Other Business

The commissioners voted unanimously to send a letter of support for FreshFarm’s H Street Farmers’ Market at 12th Street NE to operate on Saturdays in 2017 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The commissioners considered a response to The Washington Post “Youth Rehabilitation Act” investigation. Commissioners pointed to the lack of a “rehabilitation” component in the act and noted that residents had been seriously harmed by individuals abusing the leniency they had been granted. By a unanimous vote, a letter will be sent to the mayor and the DC Council requesting revisions to the act.

Reports and Announcements

Commissioner Ward announced that the Kingman Park Citizen Association is sponsoring the area at 19th and C streets NE (most of which is in Ward 7) for historic district designation. Ward, who represents the portion within Ward 6, said he “doesn’t object, if the community wants it.” He also noted that there have been a great many car breakins and counseled that drivers should use steering-wheel locking devices and leave nothing in their cars.

Commissioner Zimny continues to work with the owners of Chik-fil-A (formerly Checkers, in the triangle on the 1400 block of Maryland Avenue and G Street NE) and Laura Marks from Councilmember Allen’s office to address traffic flow concerns. Chik-fil-A proposes having the main entrance/exit onto G Street, which is a residential street. Zimny is hoping for a more community-friendly solution.

Commissioner Brown noted that the Sherwood Recreation Center (640 10th St. NE) is currently serving as a women’s hypothermia shelter. Consequently there has been a serious problem with debris on the property, including evidence of drug use.

Commissioner Phillips-Gilbert expressed disappointment that a homeless shelter for LGBTQ youth had been opened in her single-member district without her input.

Naomi Mitchell from Councilmember Allen’s office attended the meeting to thank the commissioners on his behalf. She presented each with an unused ballot from the November election, with his or her name on it.

Councilmember David Grosso will attend the February ANC meeting.

A presentation by Doug Klein, community prosecutor, originally scheduled for the January meeting, has been postponed until February.

Councilmember Charles Allen will attend the March ANC meeting.


ANC 6A meets on the second Thursday of every month (except August) at Miner Elementary School. The 6A committees meet at 7 p.m. on the following dates:

Alcohol Beverage and Licensing, third Tuesday of each month, Sherwood Recreation Center.

Community Outreach, fourth Monday of each month, Maury Elementary School.

Economic Development and Zoning, third Wednesday of each month, Sherwood Recreation Center.

Transportation and Public Space, usually third Monday of every month, Capitol Hill Towers. It met on the fourth Monday in January due to a federal holiday.

Visit www.anc6a.orgfor a calendar of events, changes of date/venue, agendas, and other information.