ANC 6B on The Death of Charnice Milton

Whereas Charnice Milton was a life-long Washingtonian who graduated from Bishop McNamara High School, Ball State University, and Syracuse University.

Whereas Charnice Milton was a writer for Capital Community News, the publisher of Hill Rag and in this capacity, frequently wrote articles about matters before 6B Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners.

Whereas Charnice Milton also wrote articles about daily life on Capitol Hill ranging from tree box maintenance, the Southeast Boulevard project, to the Anacostia river.

Whereas Charnice Milton's stories were well written and provided Capitol Hill residents with critical information regarding local agency decisions.

Whereas Charnice Milton died tragically on May 27, 2015 after attending an Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee (EMCAC) meeting.

Whereas Charnice Milton's last story about the EMCAC meeting, published on May 30, 2015, three days after her death, reminds all Capitol Hill residents about her dedication to our neighborhood and the residents who live here.

Therefore be it resolved that Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners representing ANC6B express their condolences to the family of Charnice Milton upon her untimely death.

Further, be it resolved that ANC6B Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners will invoke a moment of silence at the June 9, 2015 meeting in memory of Charnice Milton.  Ms. Milton was a writer, leader, and role-model whose successes will be long remembered.


Jennifer Samolyk, ANC6B01Commissioner

Diane Hoskins, ANC6B02 Commissioner

James Loots, ANC6B03 Commissioner

Kirsten Oldenburg, ANC6B04 Commissioner

Steve Hagedorn, ANC6B05 Commissioner

Nick Burger, ANC6B06 Commissioner

Daniel Chao, ANC6B07 Commissioner

Chander Jayaraman, ANC6B08 Commissioner

Brian Flahaven, ANC6B09 Commissioner

Denise Krepp, ANC6B10 Commissioner