ANC 6B Report - October 2015

Problems with the Hine Development Construction

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B sent a letter to Stanton-Eastbanc, the developer in charge of construction at the former Hine School site, voicing concerns about noise, unauthorized weekend and early morning work, and workers parking in spaces they agreed not to, all of which are among the nuisances that the Hine development work is bringing.

As evidence that Stanton-Eastbanc is not complying with the terms of the planned unit development (PUD) it signed in 2014, the letter names specifics, among them: using a jackhammer and working on Saturdays without giving proper notice, using a generator at night, starting work before 7 a.m., having workers park on neighborhood streets near the project, and construction trucks parked with engines idling. “ANC 6B asks that the developer greatly increase efforts to achieve compliance with the long negotiated construction management agreement,” reads the letter. It also asks that Stanton-Eastbanc share plans for addressing all of the concerns it raised.

Mayor Bowser and 6B Disagree over the NFL at RFK

In early September Mayor Bowser told ANC commissioners from all over the District that she would like to see NFL football return to RFK Stadium. ANC 6B wrote a letter to her office voicing strong opposition to such a move.

The letter expresses a common feeling among residents that using public land and money to host an NFL team would be a waste. It also cites an ongoing Events DC study (Events DC is taxpayer-funded) on what to do with the property, saying Bowser’s comments were particularly irresponsible in that light. “Before making any more statements concerning professional football, please meet with 6B neighbors,” the letter reads.

Mayor Bowsers Resolution on Homelessness

The mayor’s office has recently been circulating its Pledge to End Homelessness in DC and asking residents and elected leaders to sign it. The main points are that homelessness is a problem that can be solved, that homelessness negatively affects the entire community so all neighborhoods and residents have a stake in ending it, that DC can be a nationwide leader in this realm, and that the homeless shelter at DC General should close in favor of smaller shelters across the city.

ANC 6B passed its own resolution of support for the mayor’s actions, making sure to detail the problems with DC General. “When it opened, the DC General Emergency Family Homeless Shelter was meant to be temporary,” it reads. “[But] instead of working to find suitable housing and shelter options … city leaders have chosen the politically expedient approach of housing hundreds of families in a deteriorating, depressing building totally separated from the surrounding neighborhood and city. 6B views housing so many incredibly needy families at DC General, including a large number of families with children, as an outrage and embarrassment to our city and as completely counterproductive to the ultimate goal of ending homelessness.”

East Capitol Bus Stop

The Metrobus stop on East Capitol at 15th Street SE might be removed. At 6B’s October Transportation Committee meeting commissioners and residents spoke with a representative from the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and principals from Center City Public Charter and Eastern High School about removing it.

The reason for considering the move, according to the meeting report, is that Center City’s principal says “unruly students from Eastern High and other schools” gather at the stop on weekday afternoons. Eastern’s principal is not against the move, but said police officers assigned to the school leave too early in the day and there is less supervision for students once the school day is over.

Transportation Committee members are not convinced that removing the bus stop would make a difference, and are also concerned that doing so would bring requests to close other stops that face the same issue. The committee voted to defer making a recommendation to DDOT and WMATA, the organizations that will make the ultimate decision.

Rock ‘nRoll Marathon Needs Better Crowd Management

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, which took place on Capitol Hill in March, was a disaster. Organizers were unprepared for the large crowds, as evidenced by their neglecting to bring in portable toilets, and street closures were not announced and did not run as planned. Among 6B commissioners thebiggest issues were problems related to Metro, namely the huge backup at the Stadium-Armory station, which exacerbated crowd control problems and required that residents walk to Potomac Avenue and Eastern Market, spreading the problem to more streets.

In anticipation of 2016’s marathon 6B has postponed its approval of the race until the organizer and WMATA present a clear plan for how to move people out of the area once the event ends and for a contingency plan in case of inclement weather or Metro delays. The letter also calls for more clarity on how residents will be able to cross East Capitol Street during the race.

ANC 6B’s next full meeting will be on Tuesday, Nov. 10, at the Hill Center, 921 Pennsylvania Ave. SE.