ANC 6C Highlights

New Officers Elected

2014 Election Results

In the first meeting of the year, the Commission elected their officers, as well as committee chairs and members. Here are the results:

ANC Officers

  • Commissioner Karen Writ (6C02) – Chair
  • Commissioner Daniele Schiffman (6C01) – Vice-Chair
  • Commissioner Scott Price (6C03) – Treasurer
  • Commissioner Tony Goodman (6C06) – Secretary


  • Sonte DuCote – Chair
  • Michele Rivard – At-large
  • Laura Marks  – At-large

Planning, Zoning, and Environment

  • Commissioner Mark Eckenwiler (6C04) – Chair
  • Ron McGuinness – Co-Chair

Transportation and Public Space

  • Joe McCann – Chair

Alcoholic Beverage

  • Drew Courtney – Chair
  • Tom Vincent – At-large

Capitol Hill Classic

Jason Levin, race director for the Capitol Hill Classic, announced that this year's event will be held on May 18. The race, which supports the Capitol Hill Cluster School, follows a route that begins and ends at Peabody Primary Campus (located in ANC 6A), passing the Capitol building and Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium on the way.

Levin said that his team made some changes to the route in order to minimize residents' confusion over the route. First, the race will leave ANC 6A by traveling along First Street, complying with Capitol Police's rules for running courses on Capitol grounds. Also, for the second year, the race will travel along the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. With a 6-0 vote, the Commission unanimously supported the event.

MPD Truck and Bus Route Enforcement

Joe McCann discussed the Transportation and Public Space Committee's meeting with the Metropolitan Police Department's (MPD) Lieutenant Ronald Wilkins and one of his officers from the Traffic Safety program. Lt. Wilkins oversees a five-person unit that performs roadside inspections on buses and trucks. Continuing a conversation that began in December, the committee  asked about MPD policies in regards to oversized vehicles traveling through neighborhoods. They learned that MPD can only issue citations if the driver fails to follow signs prohibiting oversized vehicles. However, the Commission can request the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) to place signs in problematic areas like Sixth Street.

DC Street Safe

Michele Molostky of MPD announced DC Street Safe, a traffic safety campaign using new types of automated traffic safety equipment. For instance, MPD has eight new cameras designed to limit the amount of oversized vehicles in neighborhood areas. Those cameras not only take a picture of the license plate, but the sign the driver ignored or missed. The areas surrounding each camera are designated as enforcement zones. For example, ANC 6C's enforcement zone surrounds the camera located on the corner of Fourth and L Streets.

Another issue Molostky addressed was speeding. The new portable speed cameras videotape drivers violating the speed limit; previously, MPD could only do this with stoplight violations. While some camera locations were based on community suggestions, Commissioner Eckenwiler expressed disappointment that MPD did not ask the Commission for its input. For more information, contact Molostky at 202-270-3187 or

Historic District Expansion

Commissioner Eckenwiler discussed a proposal for expanding the Capitol Hill Historic District, adding the area bounded by Second, Fourth, F and H Streets. In 2010, EHT Traceries prepared a nomination document for the project. On April 4, 2013, Commissioner Eckenwiler held a community meeting for residents to discuss issues with the Historic Preservation Office; over sixty residents attended and shared strong concerns. However, there was a smaller turn-out for the Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee's January 2 meeting, with about 20 to 25 people. Commissioner Eckenwiler reported that while the views were more mixed than last year's meeting, the majority of the committee supports the expansion. However, they will need to vote on an updated nomination document for the project.

Stipulated Licenses

While listening to an application for a stipulated liquor license for Admiral on the Bay, a rooftop venue for special events, Commissioner Mark Kazmirczak (6C05) voiced concerns about the process. Stipulated licenses are usually given to establishments to serve alcohol before receiving a liquor license. Since requests for stipulated licenses seemingly increasing (as the Commission supported requests from Giant and TD Burger), Commissioner Kazmirczak, along with Commissioner Price, suggested that the Alcoholic Beverage Committee establish criteria for future proposals. As for Admiral of the Bay, the Commission voted unanimously to support the application.

Other News

  • The Commission voted unanimously to support the Rock n Roll Marathon, which will take place on March 15.
  • There will be a public hearing on Zoning Regulation Review (ZRR) for Wards 5 and 6 on February 8 at 9:00 am. The hearing will be in the Dunbar High School auditorium (101 N Street).
  •  Arthur Ringel, co-owner of upcoming restaurant DC Harvest (517 H Street), introduced himself. He hopes to open the Modern American-style restaurant in April.
  • Despite early estimates that Third Street would reopen to traffic this month, Commissioner Eckenwiler announced that it would reopen in February due to DC Streetcar's safety requirements.