ANC 6C Highlights

600 Massachusetts Avenue

In 2013, Roberta Lovatelli, who owns the property located at 600 Massachusetts Avenue, installed a brick patio in her front yard. However, she did not know that her front yard is considered to be public space; as a result, she asked the Commission to support her after-the-fact Historic Preservation Application. She, along with her representative and fellow Capitol Hill resident, Craig D'oge, argued that the project was an asset to the neighborhood, ensuring public safety and presenting a view as grass could not grow in her yard.

However, the Commission pointed flaws in their arguments and some neighbors voiced their opposition, stating that the project violated laws. While both D'oge and Lovatelli posed passionate arguments, Commissioner Danielle Schiffman (6C01), called them out for their rude behavior, including constant interruptions and snide remarks. The Commission voted 5-0, with one abstention, to oppose Lovatelli's application.

H Street Truck Loading Zones

Eulois Cleckley of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) gave an update on the truck loading zones around the H Street Corridor. In December, DDOT moved the ten loading zones from H Street and relocated them on the surrounding numbered streets. While the approximately 21 smaller loading zones can accommodate daily demand, Cleckley reported that there are still instances of double-parking on H as the streetcars were not running at the time.

However, Commissioner Mark Eckenwiler (6C04) noted that the highest utilization rate is 39 percent (including the double-parking situation), then there could be too many loading zones in the area. Commissioner Scott Price added that DDOT's report lacked the loading zone's impact on the residents, focusing more on it's impact on commerce.

Parking Parking Zone Community Benefits

DDOT has designated the H Street Corridor as a Performance Parking Zone (PPZ); this means that DDOT observes parking usage and can adjust metered parking rates accordingly. With the extra money raised from the meters, DDOT created a fund to help pay for PPZ improvements.

Joe McCann, chair of the Transportation and Public Space Committee, reported that $560,000 in benefits was allocated to the H Street Corridor and the Commission will submit an application with the proposed improvements. Commissioner Tony Goodman (6C06) presented a list of 17 proposed projects, including curb extensions, bike lane striping, and landscaping improvements. The Commission unanimously voted to send the application and authorize either McCann or Commission Goodman as the main contact person.