ANC 6C Report

Election Results

New Commissioners: Daniele Schiffman 6C01/Mark Eckenwiler 6C04/Mark Kazmierczak 6C05

Nonreturning Commissioners: Dixon to 6E06/Silver retiring/Wilsey to 2C03/Crews retiring/Richardson retiring

Rock and Roll Marathon

Slated for March 6, 2013, the 8th annual Rock and Roll Marathon will host 20,000 runners through DC. Diane Thomas from the Greater Washington Sports Alliance was present to answer questions about the marathon and the route. In an economic impact report done on the 2012 race, of the $15.2 million the marathon brings to the region, $9.5 million is brought directly to DC. In addition, non-profits are able to raise $692,000 using the marathon as a fundraising tool. The route planners took a half mile of the route out of 6C due to concerns that resident of 6C would be blocked off on three sides of the area. Now, two sides of ANC6C will be blocked off for runners. The 2013 route opens up the area around Union Station as well as the tunnel to 395. Commissioner Price wants the ANC to be more proactive in the future about the plan for the race route. Ms. Thomas responded that much of the route is in fact dictated by the police department. Price expressed concern that in the past, police officers don’t know the exit routes for residents seeking to leave Capitol Hill during the race. Thomas said that they do provide the info to the police officers and will make sure they know the egress routes. The GWSA does a mailing a couple of weeks before the event detailing the street closure and doorhangers for residents impacted by the race route showing the street closures. Commissioner Wilsey commented that ANC2C decided to table the discussion of the race route until 2013, when the newly-elected Commissioners are seated. Commissioners voted to approve the race, with Wirt and Crews voting against the race.

Jingle All The Way Event

Scheduled for December 9, 2012, Jingle All the Way is an 8K run fundraising event for Habitat for Humanity. Lee Granados from Pacers was present to answer questions. There was neighborhood concern about the noise level last year in setting up the event that morning. In response, the tents will be assembled the day before the event so there will be no noise setting up that morning before 8 a.m. Wirt asked how many participants are expected; Granados didn’t know. She will find out and provide that information to the Commissions. All Commissioners approved the event.

Thaaja Indian Food Bar

Located at 1335 Second St NE, this food bar seeks to add 8 outdoor tables, with 16 seats outside. There will be music outdoors and liquor served outside. Outdoor seating will be open until 11 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on weekends. The Transportation/Public Space Committee recommended 3-0 that the Commission approve the application. Goodman pointed out that Starbucks next door to Thaaja operates an outdoor café and has never sought Commission approval. Wirt recommended an inspector from Public Space be called to Starbucks and Goodman agreed to call for one. Approval of the outdoor café was unanimous.

Basis School

Residents have complained of double parking at Basis School, located on 8th St NW. Wilsey informed the Commission that Basis was confused about the ANC Meeting and thus no representative from Basis was present. He will make another attempt to meet with Basis and get a representative to attend the December ANC meeting.

Curb Cuts for 300 L ST NE

This is a 60 unit residential apartment building and the builder, Ellisdale Construction, presented drawings of the public space plan. Representatives stated that the Ellisdale submitted a public space application 6-8 months ago and received verbal approval, but no written approval of the Public Space Application from DDOT. There was some question of why the plan did not come before the ANC. It was explained by the Ellisdale that because of the nature of the public space changes it didn’t trigger a DDOT public space hearing. Without a hearing, DDOT is not required to notify the ANC. The Public Space Plan is limited – no trees, no benches, no bike racks, no fences –only grass. Ellisdale stated that there were no trees due to a hundred year-old sewer line that runs underneath the building. Goodman is concerned because the applicant has no tracking number and no stamped plans. The Commission unanimously voted to send a letter expressing concerns and asking for the tracking number, why the ANC was not involved, explaining why a hearing was not triggered, why the sewer was not replaced and why there are no outdoor bike racks.

Planning / Zoning Committee Venue Changed

Meeting location changed from NPR building to Kaiser Permanente building, effective immediately. Location will be on the ANC website.

Gallaudet Universtiy Campus Plan

While the Campus is not actually located in ANC 6C, it is adjacent. The school is going to create a large pedestrian entrance at 6th and Florida to open up the campus. The transportation facility located currently on that corner will be relocated. The Committee was pleased with Gallaudet’s presentation. ANC unanimously approved the plan.

Stuart-Hobson Renovation

Last month, the Committee voted against the design presented. Since that plan was rejected, an informational presentation on an interim design was presented to the Committee. The key aspect that has changed is window placement, window orientation and window size. There was more support for this proposal design, as this design was much improved and the design was generally supported. On the 4th street side, the interim design better connects to the original building. There was extraordinary turnout from the community to see the interim design presentation. About 15 people attended and 9 spoke. There was no strenuous objection from the community and there will be a formal presentation of the plan to the ANC likely in January.

Grant Approved for Stuart-Hobson

$855.52 unanimously approved. Price was concerned that this ANC is disproportionately funding the football program. He asked what percent of students in the football program are 6C residents. Clayton Witt was present to answer questions, and didn’t know the portion of the team that was resident in 6C, only that all members of the team were residents of Ward 6. Witt says he hasn’t gone to the other ANCs for money because the other ANCs don’t have money to give. Wirt asks if he can determine how many members of the football team are residents of 6C specifically. Richardson points out that if the Commission is going to ask Witt to do that, then the Commission would have to ask for that information from all grant applicants. Richardson several times states that the Commission has many, many times given out money to organizations and haven’t required 100% ANC6C membership. XLKJDLKDJ points out that if se;klf

$500 Approved for H ST CDC Holiday Event

INNOVATIVE SCHOOL FOR PERFORMING ARTS – Vote delayed. Silver states that the ANC has funded $3,000 or more to this program in the past. Crews asks for performance information for the past grants. Richardson again points out that no other PTAs or organizations have been asked for performance information. Wirt states that every grant has to submit a letter of use after the organization receives the grant, that it’s a form they fill out. Crews states that the ANC should in fact require this information for all the grants the ANC gives out. Silver is going to take a close look at the past grants and the organization’s current budget. There is a lengthy discussion about what activities in the budget constitute “labor”, which the ANC is not able to pay for with a grant. ANC unanimously moved to table the issue until December.

Holy Rosary Church Requests Support

Holy Rosary Church, located at 595 3rd St NW, requested a Letter of Support for a DCCAH grant to paint a mural on the side of the church. Students are designing the mural for the 100th year anniversary, with the guidance of the art teacher. A proposed drawing was presented, and Joanna Bignolo stated the drawing was still being “tweaked”. She went around to every building in the vicinity to show them the drawing. Goodman thinks “it’s a lovely design” but would not vote to support the letter because he didn’t think it was proper for government funds to be going for a Christian-themed mural, or a religiously-themed mural in general. The art teacher stated that they have made several adjustments to the drawing already, and would be open to making further adjustments to illustrate a contribution to the community. Goodman didn’t think that the Commission should be going into how the art should be changed; it contained several religious elements. Price moves that the ANC not support the mural.

Goodman moves to not send the letter – not that the ANC opposes the mural, just not to send a letter of support . Wirt asks if the Commissioners would support a redesign of the mural. Crews states that he is personally offended that the Catholic Church is asking for public money for a religious mural. Crews makes a motion to adjourn the meeting; Wilsey makes a motion to reconsider the design of the mural to take out the religious elements. Crews asks Wirt if she is ignoring his motion to adjourn; Wirt states he didn’t have a second to the motion to adjourn. Wirt states she didn’t hear a second, but the other Commissioners confirm that a second to the motion to adjourn was made. The Commissions then votes to adjourn.

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