ANC 6C Report

Tru Orleans and Ibiza Protests Update

Commissioner Mark Kazmierczak reported that before October's protest hearing against Tru Orleans, the restaurant entered into a settlement agreement with the Commission. The agreement granted the majority of the Commission's suggested restrictions including: no entertainment endorsement, an enclosed second floor, the removal of the H Street entrance, and a commitment to keep all doors and windows closed after 10 p.m. Last week, the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board approved the agreement with one change: that the commission not require the applicant to drop or not request an endorsement. However, the agreement does state that there should be no live music. The ABC Board will issue its final order in January.

Commissioner Tony Goodman gave an update regarding the Commission's protest against Ibiza Nightclub's license renewal. At last week's roll call hearing, ANC 6C, along with a group of 11 landowners, were certified as valid protestors. The mediation is scheduled for the end of February.


Transportation and Public Space Committee Chair Joe McCann explained that the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) created a comprehensive map that diverts bus and truck traffic from the main streets. However, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) developed a different map based on signage.

DDOT's Eulois Cleckley said that the department is conducting a comprehensive analysis of freight movement within the city in order to create better bus and truck routes. It would be no issue for DDOT to study Sixth Street, Cleckley said.

The Commission voted unamimously to send a letter of support to DDOT, MPD, and the Mayor regarding restrictive signage on Sixth, particularly the area between K Street and Florida Avenue as well as the 800 and 900 blocks of H St. NE.

On Dec. 13, DDOT announced new loading zones on H St. NE. With the new streetcars traveling throughout the corridor, Cleckley stated that DDOT is looking at turning portions of side streets into commercial loading zones. Working with DC Streetcar, DDOT discussed their plans with carriers and business owners.

However, as Commissioner Mark Eckenwiler (6C04) pointed out, DDOT did not consult the community or other ANCs in the area before making a decision. In fact, Eckenwiler called the plan “far from perfect,” citing space, locations, and loading hours as issues. The Commission agreed, voting unanimously to send a letter of opposition, citing dissatisfaction with the outreach process.

Pop-ups” Discussion

Commissioner Eckenwiler reported that the Planning, Zoning, and Environmental (PZE) Committee discussed issues about “pop-ups,” or building additions. Some PZE members expressed concerns including zoning and building code violations, as well as damage to adjacent properties.

While Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells wrote a letter to the Office of Planning voicing his concerns on “pop-ups,” it did not offer any solutions, stated Eckenwiler. He proposed that PZE members who are well-versed in building codes will draft a letter to the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs seeking better enforcement while identifying issues under current law. Eckenwiler hopes that the Commission will vote on the letter during January's meeting.

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