ANC 6C Report

April 2015

Route 96 Route Change

Spring Worth, a transportation planner from the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), announced that Bus Route 96 will be rerouted up Massachusetts Avenue in June. DDOT, along with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), hopes to establish two new stops at Massachusetts and Eighth Street (westbound and eastbound); these locations will help riders better transfer to Bus Routes 90, 92, and 93 with minimal impact on parking spaces. 

While Worth came to the Commission for input, Commissioner Mark Eckenwiler (6C04) said that she should have presented her case to the Transportation and Public Space Committee, as the Commission would not have time to have a full discussion. Commissioner Tony Goodman (6C06) agreed, but thanked Worth for coming, as past bus route changes have occurred in the past without alerting the Commission. Worth will attend the May Transportation Committee meeting.

Stuart Hobson Middle School

In his Planning, Zoning, and Economic Committee report, Commissioner Eckenwiler stated that the Department of General Services filed a public space application for various projects involving the North Lot, which includes a play field and a construction staging area. These projects include extending the play field, raising the F Street retaining wall, and two options for a trash enclosure; one of those options would place the enclosure in public space along Fifth Street. However, after conversations with DGS, the applicant presented a revised plan, which maintains the retaining wall current height and considers a third option for the trash enclosure inside the property line. The Commission voted 6-0 to support the application except placing a trash receptacle in public space.

The Transportation and Public Space Committee also discussed the Stuart Hobson application. Committee Chair Mark Kazmierczak reported that they support the third trash option and also discussed the possibility of raising fences surrounding the east and west ends of the field. Kazmierczak also noted that there is a concrete pad located off of Fifth Street and recommended planting there once it is removed. The Commission voted 6-0 to adopt the Committee's recommendations, with an added amendment to fill “weep holes,” or drainage holes, in the concrete walls along F Street. 

Mayor's Budget

Commissioner Goodman discussed points from the Mayor's Fiscal Year 2016 Budget that affects ANC 6C. He was happy with some aspects, like extending the H Street-Benning Road Streetcar line, full funding for NoMa Parks, providing ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) upgrades for DCPS, and replacing the Eighth Street Bridge. However, he was disappointed that the J.O. Wilson Modernization Project was eliminated, especially since the school needs ADA-compliant repairs. 

He motioned to send a letter to the City Council expressing disappointment on the J.O. Wilson project, as well as other school modernization efforts that were pushed back. The letter would also support the ADA-compliant  upgrades, requesting that money would be set aside for J.O. Wilson and that access to schools will become a top priority. Commissioner Goodman made a second motion to write a letter supporting the other budget items affecting ANC 6C, with a request for additional funds for bicycle trails (like the New York Avenue trail) and the reconstruction for Florida Avenue. The Commission voted unanimously on both motions. 

DDOT Proposed Regulations 

Commissioner Eckenwiler reported that on March 28, DDOT published a list of proposed regulations in the DC Register, focusing on those affecting local access streets. In his and Commissioner Writ's single-member districts (SMDs), there are intersections (Second and E Streets, Second and F Streets) with turn restrictions except for local traffic. However, this was rarely enforced as the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) needs more clarification on its meaning. While Commissioner Eckenwiler believes the proposal is “a good step in the right direction,” there are still points that need to be addressed, including distinguishing the terms “local access” and “local traffic,” limiting cut-through traffic through neighborhoods, and including bicycles as part of local access. The Commission voted unanimously to write a letter to DDOT supporting the proposed regulations, while suggesting Commissioner Eckenwiler's changes.

Other News

According to Commissioner Goodman, Ibiza Nightclub will remained closed until the owners meet the requirements for its Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) licenses. However, the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) might now allow the nightclub to reopen even with the licenses.  

NoMa BID is no longer pursuing plans develop the First Street Porch Park; instead they will take elements from those plans, including a dog park, and applying them to the Storey Park project.

NoMa BID  Planning and Economic Director, Galin Brooks, introduced the organization's new Director of Parks Projects, Stacie West. West announced that she will hold a community meeting on the overpass projects by the end of April. She can be reached at 202-810-0091.

The Commission voted 6-0 to protest Po Boy Jim's application for an entertainment endorsement pending a settlement agreement. 

The Commission approved two grants for the J.O. Wilson PTA (for a school musical) and the Capitol Hill Group Ministry (for its Homeless Response Team). They also approved an expense of $1,330 for the Capitol Hill Cluster School. The deadline for the current grant cycle is June 15.

The Commission voted 6-0 supporting an Office of Planning proposal limiting rooftop structures/penthouse height to 10 feet. 

The next ANC 6C meeting will be on May 13, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the Heritage Foundation, which is located at 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE Washington, DC.