ANC 6E Report - October 2015

Monumental Realty Requests T Street Development

A representative from Monumental Realty appeared before the commission to get support for a zoning request for a development project that takes up four properties starting with 608 to 618 T St. NW. The property will be seven stories tall, house 50 to 60 units, and provide up to 38 parking spaces.

A proposal was previously drafted and submitted to the commission before the meeting with three separate requests. The first request asked to restore and preserve the front and sides of two of the buildings that have historical elements indicative of the area. The second request asked for zoning variances, with one being for the height of the building. Under current DC rules each structure must have a parapet under its roof, and the request is asking that measurements are taken from the top of the roof and not the parapet. The other zoning variance request asked for a loading dock since the city requires buildings with units numbering up to 49 and over to have a loading dock that can accommodate a 30-foot moving or delivery truck. The third request asked for parking spaces, and the representative noted that they are supplying 50 percent more than what zoning rules require. In order to not aggravate an existing traffic issue, a limit on residential and visitor parking permits was included in the draft proposal.

The project representative said that construction would start at 8 a.m. on Saturdays and during the week to alleviate noise concerns from residents. The front of the building features a plaza with a Duke Ellington statue that has not been taken care of by the city for years. The development group said that they will maintain the plaza going forward and also noted that the project calls for retail space in the plaza as well. ANC 6E unanimously voted to support the project and proposed zoning variances including loading and height metrics subject to a developmental agreement as the parties have discussed.

251 H Street Development

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has had an office on the north side of H Street, between Second and Third streets NW, since 2008. AIPAC is now employing more people and needs extra work space. Planned unit development (PUD) plans call for adding two stories to an existing building which is currently 90 feet high. Additionally a 110-foot building will be erected on an adjacent air shaft parcel. In 2008 AIPAC employed 125 people but has grown to 202 and plans to open 20 additional spots in the near future. AIPAC representatives said most of the growth has occurred in the last three to four years and is expected to continue. The representatives also noted that 42 percent of AIPAC staff reside in the District. Once development plans are finalized, the group plans to return to a future ANC 6E meeting and present them. Building plans may possibly conceal the air-shaft portion, and the PUD will include community benefits that should have a positive effect on area residents.

Bibleway Church Development Presentation

A representative of the Mission First Development Company, which is a partner of Bibleway Church, attended the meeting to present building development plans and ask ANC 6E to send a letter of support to DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). The development project will be located at Fourth and K streets NW. The building will stand on K Street, which runs along Interstate 395 to New York Avenue. There will be a total of 223 units which will all be a part of affordable housing. Fifty of the units will be set aside for grandparents to raise grandchildren. Greenspace will be provided at the top of the building with a playground and amenity spaces for residents. There will be a separate ground floor entrance for the grandfamily units on the Fourth Street side with its own lobby, elevator, and amenity spaces. There will also be one level of parking and loading on that side of the building. A general occupant entrance with separate amenities will be located on the K Street side. Assuming everything goes right with permitting, construction can start as early as December with project completion expected to be 23 months.

The commission expressed displeasure with the lack of response that the city has shown to questions about this particular development. They noted that it is a wonderful project but prefer that the development not be 100 percent affordable housing and believe that they weren’t given the proper notice to express their views. The commission moved to send a letter of disapproval to DHCD with the mayor’s office copied on the letter.

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