Applications for Historic Homeowner Grant Due July 5th

Historic Preservation Office Grants Provide up to $25,000 for Work on Homes in Historic Districts

Applications for the Historic Homeowner Grant are being accepted by the Historic Preservation Office until Wednesday July 5, 2017. The Grant, created by the Targeted Historic Preservation Assistance Amendment Act of 2006, provides annual funding for the historic districts of Capitol Hill, Blagden Alley, LeDroit Park and Anacostia, among others.

Grants are available to low- and moderate-income households living in specific historic districts and are intended to fund exterior repairs, rehabilitation and structural work. Emphasis is placed on work that makes a difference to the appearance of the house as seen from the streets. Grants can be awarded up to $25,000 in most districts, and $35,000 in the Anacostia Historic District.

The application is a two-part process. The first part requires homeowners to include a photograph of their house and a description of the repairs they want to make. Part I of the application is available online. Successful Part I applicants will receive a Part II application which will require estimates from general contractors and information about household finances.

The application deadline is usually July 1, but the Office of Planning said that it had been pushed back in light of the July 4 holiday. Further information is available through the Office of Planning.  The grant committee is appointed by the Director of the Office of Planning together with the Chairperson of the Historic Preservation Review Board.