Catch Frank Iero This Friday

July 21 at 7 p.m. - All Ages Show at the U Street Music Hall

The Hill Rag recently had the opportunity to interview Frank Iero of his current solo incarnation, FRANK IERO and the PATIENCE, in anticipation of what is sure to be an unforgettable show on Friday, July 21, at The U Street Music Hall. The current tour, which has been navigating a packed North America schedule, is promoting the band’s 2016 release of their newest album, Parachutes.

Raw and authentic, Iero’s emotionally charged lyrics and edgy guitar riffs, which give way to periodic vocal explosions and emotive wails, recall both the emo roots and punk tradition that have been characteristic of Iero’s music throughout his career.

You can either hide or be as unashamed as possible, and I chose the latter,” Iero tells The Hill Rag of how he makes his way through a set of such personal songs. Indeed, when talking to him, one gets the sense that his choice is a deliberate one, and that as an artist, Iero is all in, all honesty, and all encompassing.

Whereas Frank Iero’s first solo endeavor, Stomachaches, released under the band name, Frnkiero and The cellabration, was a less cohesive and less deliberate album, Parachutes gives its audience a singular vision, a sustained peal of emotional pitch, and, finally, a cathartic release which shows an artist unafraid to fully embrace both his music and that which is “random and strange” in life.

Iero has cultivated a large following of loyal fans, many of whom are holdovers from his successful days as guitarist and vocalist for My Chemical Romance. And his fans, both loyal and new, will not be disappointed at Friday night’s show, which also includes a performance by The Homeless Gospel Choir.

The beautiful homage to love, OceansParachute’s intense opening track, World Destroyer, in which Iero wails, “it’s the truth not the lies that’ll hurt the ones we love/So I tried my best to be good enough;” as well as a personal favorite, Miss Me, a lyrically devastating soulful urban punk track, are examples of the gems that have been stalwarts of this tour’s set lists. This reviewer is counting down the days until Friday night’s concert, but—true to Frank’s urging—understands the necessity of patience.

Leanne Tankel studied poetry writing as a UC Berkeley undergraduate and was fortunate enough to work with the inimitable Thom Gunn. She earned her M.A. in Creative Writing at Boston University, where she held a teaching fellowship. Currently, she is writing prose, and her manuscript, Broken Hallelujah: notes from a marriage, was a 2011 short-list finalist for the Santa Fe Literary Awards program. Leanne lives with her husband, three sons, and two pugs in Northern Virginia

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