Class of 2022 Kickoff Event!

Hill 3rd Graders Gather to Meet and Exchange books
Photograph By
Elizabeth Nelson

Third graders from schools all over the Hill had a perfect day for a playdate and book exchange at Lincoln Park!

It was a perfect day for a playdate on Veteran's Day Monday, with 70 degree temperatures and lots of good books to exchange.

Drew Golin, Maury parent of two, had the idea to coalesce all third graders on Capitol Hill, the thought being that if we bring them and their families together now, we will all be more comfortable when it's time to go to middle school. Ideally, they’d go 6th grade together, the hope being that they stay on the Hill. That’s why we are referring to them as the Class of 2022 – no matter their elementary school, they are a community.

So we put together a playdate and book exchange at Lincoln Park. Third graders from Brent, Capitol Hill Day, Logan, Maury, St. Peters, Two Rivers, and Watkins brought their families, toys, and books to trade. It was great to meet parents from other schools, and to catch up with the parents we know or we’ve met at sports.

Thank you to those who came! If you missed it, we'll have another coming up, and suggestions on venues are welcome. If you have a child in third grade, please sign up at to keep abreast of Class of 2022 events!

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