Concerns About Pedestrian Safety on Maryland Ave. Mount

Speed Camera Stationed By MPD

In a recent posting on the MPD 1D Listserv, a woman described how she was nearly hit walking across the intersection of Maryland Ave. and 7th St. NE. A car in one lane had stopped blocking visibility, while cars in the next lane continued at great speed. Speeding commuters and unsafe road conditions on Maryland Ave. have prompted many community complaints. Some are even calling for police officers to be stationed on particular intersections.

A Solution in The Works

The pedestrian safety issues on Maryland Ave. NE will be solved by a series of projects planned by the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) that will eliminate the extra lanes of car traffic, add bicycle lanes and reconfigure some intersections to allow for a smoother flow of commuters.

The DDOT projects will “reduce the traffic lanes from four to two, and add curb extensions at multiple locations to make it easier for pedestrians to cross and motorists to see them,” states Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Tony Goodman. Goodman (SMD 6C06) is strongly supportive of the projects.

In the meantime, for the past two weeks the MPD has placed a marked car on the north side of the intersection at Maryland Ave. and Seventh SE. NE. The cruiser contains a speed camera to give warnings to people who drive faster than the posted speed limit.

Measures like this one will not be necessary once the reconstruction of Maryland Ave. is completed, stated Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Scott Price (SMD 6C03).

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