Construction Continues in Southwest Wharf

News from the Southwest Community Wharf Construction Meeting

The Wharf Construction Committee met on August 6 to discuss the development of the Southwest Waterfront. Following formal introductions, the floor was opened to review items on the agenda. 

Signage has increased along the streets to help guide vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic during the ongoing construction and public events. The demolition of the buildings between the 700 and 900 block of Water St. is nearly completed, and the demolition of St. Augustine’s is expected to begin next month. Jenny’s will open in October/November.

The piles at the Capitol Yacht Club have all been set in place and the framing work has commenced. Work on the floating docks for Piers A and B will be completed by late September, and dock C will follow in late October. District Pier will begin construction work after the Capitol Yacht Club dock work is complete, and the two waves of boat moves (occurring in September and October) are confirmed. Transit Pier will be used as a public pier for boats to tie up to, and commercial boats will remain at their current location until construction begins on that portion of the Wharf.

Clark Construction has claimed use of all Channel Inn parking lots on Water Street while working on their site. Hoffman-Madison opened up about 30 spots at the Channel Inn to provide more public parking and make up for the spaces taken by Captain White’s and Jessie Taylor’s delivery vehicles.  The Clark site is pedestrian and bicycle friendly with clearly marked transitions. Water Street will remain closed between Seventh and Ninth Streets, however Maine Ave will have two lanes open in each direction. 

The double-parking that occurs along Maine Avenue near the Fish Market is being handled by a Hoffman-Madison security guard, however DDOT may need to intervene for stronger enforcement. In the case of towing, a Clark representative must call DPW, however due to a time lag, the car in question is generally gone before the arrival of the tow truck. DDOT will also investigate this issue and work together with DPW to improve the handling of this situation. The new parking lot near the fish market will be completed by the end of September. 

Support of evacuation systems will be put up along the South Side of Maine Avenue from Seventh to Ninth Streets. The construction work along Maine Avenue is causing current utilities to move from Water Street to Maine Avenue. There may be utility interruptions lasting up to four hours (at an off-peak time) during the switch to the new lines installed on Maine Avenue.  The more major utility work is set to begin in mid-September at the sewer line at St. Augustine’s.

Residents living around the St. Augustine’s site have received letters notifying them of the upcoming construction work and demolition. DDOT plans to work with Hoffman-Madison to solve the issue of pedestrian bottleneck and traffic around St. Augustine’s. The copper beech tree on the site will be relocated 150 feet south of its current location.

The next Southwest Community Wharf Construction meeting will be on September 3, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. at the Channel Inn.

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