Construction Starts on Frager's

Perseus Realty Developers' Construction Team Started in Mid-April

Frager's renderings from Pennsylvania Avenue SE. (Perseus Realty)

Construction on the new Frager’s Hardware rebuild and expansion on the 1100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue SE has started as of mid-April. Crews for the Grunley Construction team, based on of DC, are preparing for demolition and the bracing of historic exterior walls, which should last through this summer.

During the project, crews will set up jersey barriers to block the construction zone and carve out a safe path for pedestrians. This includes parts of the sidewalk along the Pennsylvania Avenue side and part of the 11th Street side. Perseus Realty, the developer of the site, has assured Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B that future phases of the project will also include covered walkways for pedestrian safety (like those around the Hine School project on the 700 block of Pennsylvania Avenue SE).

The barriers will block parking at times only for the metered slots along Pennsylvania Avenue. But they won’t disrupt the 12th Street Metro bus stop. As for where workers will park when construction picks up, Grunley and Perseus are working on the plan.

Plus: Frager’s Hardware announced April 19 it’s changing ownership. Read our Hill Rag coverage here