DC Snow Team Augments Deployment to Match More Intense Storm

The DC Snow Team is increasing the number of plows spreading salt tonight from more than 50 to 150 in light of the more intense storm that started after dusk. Earlier today, trucks pre-treated bridges, overpasses, other elevated structures, and major streets with the brine/beet juice mixture. While the storm is predicted to end later tonight, the plows will continue to spread salt as long as necessary.
Residents are asked to apply abrasives to their sidewalks, e.g., pet-friendly deicer, non-clumping kitty litter or rock salt.
In preparation for Friday’s snowfall and the possible blizzard, everyone is urged to have the following items on hand for home, car and business:
•    Snow shovel
•    Pet- friendly deicer, non-clumping kitty litter
•    Flashlights
•    Extra batteries
•    Mobile charger for the home, car and business
•    First-aid kit
•    Bottled water
•    Food
•    Blankets, first-aid kit and flares for the car
•    Pet food
For more information about preparing one’s family, home and car for snow, go to snow.dc.gov.
Residents and businesses are responsible for clearing their sidewalk of snow and ice. Throughout the District, neighbors are organizing snow shoveling teams. Individuals are urged to clear the sidewalks for those who are unable, including neighbors who are out of town.

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