DC Women's Squad Wins US Ultimate Nationals!

Scandal New Champion

Octavia “Opie” Payne connects to Sandy Jorgensen on a full field “huck” that set up Washington's ninth point.

Scandal, DC's elite Women's Ultimate Team, decisively won the US Nationals Ultimate Frisbee held yesterday in Frisco, TX. The squad destroyed San Francisco’s Fury, the decade's dominant club, defeating the reigning champion 14 to 7.

Scandal was the tournament's insurgent. While overcoming its first three opponents by close margins, the team gained momentum with upset Saturday win over Seattle's much-storied Riot. Riot is the only other team to dethrone Fury in recent memory.

Sunday's unpredictable wind did not slow DC women down. Led by captains Molly Roy and Octavia “Opi” Payne, Scandal's offense simply sizzled. Payne connected with Sandy Jorgensen repeatedly on long throws.

Scandal's hard physical defense forced turnovers. A fearsome zone featuring a four-woman cup shut down Fury's disciplined offense. Alicia White, Samantha McClellan, Jenny Fey and Sarah Itoh joined Jorgensen and Payne in turning in stellar performances.

Missed the US Ultimate Women's finals? Watch the replay on ESPN 3.

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