A Boxing Gym that is Many Other Things

DCBFit is not what I expected a boxing gym to be. It is bright, sunny, colorful and clean. The atmosphere is welcoming. The space is one big room jammed with the latest fitness equipment, yet it doesn’t feel crowded. Lorenzo Reed, DCBFit general manager describes it as “Boxing with a face lift.”

The gym is tucked unobtrusively in the first floor of the Capitol Tower building on New Jersey Avenue across the street from the Navy Yard metro. It’s been there for two years, but this past January DCBFit changed management and has partnered with Buddy Lee, the Olympic wrestler and 10-time world medalist who is the author of the book, Buddy Lee Jump Rope Training. Even though DCBFit has a boxing ring, and several different kinds of boxing bags line the studio, it’s not just for boxers. DCBFit’s mission is to “motivate, educate, encourage you to get fit and be strong in life.”

How It Is Different

You will not find a treadmill or weight machines in DCBFit. Instead you have a cycling bike, suspension training equipment, foam rollers, weights, kettle bells, pull ropes, a water-filled punching bag and punching bags of different shapes and sizes.

Like the gym itself, the fitness-bases classes are compact – just 45 minutes. They incorporate a “team training” concept with multiple instructors teaching one class. “Classes are for everyone at any level of fitness,” said Lorenzo. “Because we have several instructors teaching, each person can work at his/her own level. It’s an intimidation-free zone. Even if it’s your first day you’ll learn something. You’ll learn a skill plus improve your fitness level. We welcome people of all ages and experiences.” 

The kind of classes are not ones you’d typically find in other gyms. In just one 45-minute class a student warms up with a jump rope, gets high intensity training, strength training cardio work and stretching. According to Lorenzo, “You can incorporate every workout you’ve ever done in this room.” Classes include high intensity interval training, suspension training (TRX), Krav Maga, women’s self-defense, kickboxing, boxing, boot camp, Buddy Lee High Performance Jump Rope and Yoga Calisthenics.

Two years ago Ashley Parham, who lives near Eastern Market, walked out of the metro and a boxing sign across the street caught her eye. “I always had an interest in learning how to box,” she said. She walked across the street to check it out. Now, 50 lbs. lighter she said, “This place has changed my life.” Ashley mainly does boxing classes about four times a week and works with a personal trainer whenever she gets a chance. “I love doing boxing workouts. I hated the treadmill or elliptical machine. They are not fun. I have lots of fun here!”

Seventy percent of the gym’s members are female and range in age from 20 to 60.

DCBFit is a no nonsense gym. It has no shower, no juice bar and no fancy locker rooms. But it does have a sense of what is important to members – an efficient, safe, functional workout that is fun and challenging. It also has reasonable rates. DCBFit offers Capitol Hill residents a discount on its monthly unlimited class fee. It is also a member of the ClassPass.com program. Recently the gym sponsored a party for its members at Lucky Strike bowling alley. 

All of DCBFit’s trainers are experienced boxers or martial artists with fitness backgrounds, not fitness instructors with specialty certifications. In addition to training boxers, Lorenzo is an ex-marine and a professional bodyguard who has traveled around the world providing security services to entertainers, athletes and dignitaries.

DCBFit trainer Christopher Tyre was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Kickboxing team and has a background in several martial arts including Jiu-Jitsu and Capoeira. He also has been general manager for Gold’s Gym International and holds several personal training certifications.

To learn more about DCBFit log onto: www.dcbfit.com or call 202-621-8304.


Pattie Cinelli is a fitness consultant who takes a holistic approach to personal training. She has been writing her health/fitness column for more than 20 years. Contact her at: fitness@pattiecinelli.com.

Free Classes Starting in May

DCBFit wants to get to know the community and wants the community to experience DCBFit’s unique style of functional fitness. It is offering free classes beginning this month in Yards Park on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at 9 a.m.

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