District Plans to Close Lower Seventh Street

Final Arrangements Awaiting the Disposition of Hine Court Case

The District government has readied plans to close the 300 block of Seventh St. SE on Saturdays and Sundays. The street closure will ensure the continued operation of the private flea markets that have historically thrived in the Hine School parking lot.

“During the Zoning Commission process on the Hine School Development there was a significant concern raised about the survival of the open air markets and the overall continuation of a vibrant, people-driven commercial environment while the construction was happening,” states ANC 6B Vice Chair Commissioner Ivan Frishberg (6B02).

“After a lot of public comment and community engagement, the plan that was approved by the Zoning Commission and supported by the ANC was to use the 300 block of Seventh street during construction, providing slightly less space than there is now for Sunday market operating at capacity, but not having a complete withdrawal from the kind of sprawling, engaging street scene we now expect over much of the year,” Frishberg continues.

The two markets will operate under individual contracts with the DC Department of General Services (DGS). Barry Margeson, DGS's Eastern Market Interim Manager, will be signing off on their plans for street vending in consultation with the Hine Community Advisory Committee and Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee (EMCAC), an advisory neighborhood commission of Market stakeholders.

A history behind this decision can be read in this earlier Hill Rag article.

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